Welcome to the future - Goose Q is coming for worldwide logistics industry

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Welcome to the future - Goose Q


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For summary guys, these people made a lot of hard work and determination to make this thing be a reality the soonest possible time. I believe in the future of digital currencies and its use-cases such as for Goose Q
I like projects where the creative team works And there is no doubt that the creative team is at Goose Q.
There are many other positive and interesting things in the project, Let's go further on the Goose Q Project. And then, together we will watch how this project has been developing.


Goose Q is a comprehensive blockchain-based solution for the global logistics industry.

With globalization, new technologies are emerging in the environment in which we live, having an impact on society as a whole. Cryptocurrencies are a novelty that is inserted in the context of globalization.

The essence of Goose Q is actually building a road community. This is the first step in the development of Q Goose. The second step is to benefit the entire industry by reducing fuel consumption with the "Fellow Team" technology, combating false invoices with blockchain-based documentation flow, providing entertainment services for truck drivers with Daluka SIM card-free traffic, etc. And then launched the big data road infrastructure.

The evolution of money as we know will change, and the evolution of every industry all the time is fast, this strongly implies that Cryptocurrencies projects, probably in many forms, will be in our future.

Goose Q is the answer and solutions for the logistics industry on the planet by adopting blockchain innovation in it. The Goose Q platform will help verify data from clients and encourage data. It requires explicit gadgets to record any data from trucks, encrypt and safely store it inside a blockchain.

Goose Q also gathers a total scope of visual data and be furnished with high-security innovation. Other than that, the platform has been incorporated into a progressed advanced IT foundation from China. It incorporates vehicle carriers, freight organizations, drivers, real transport vehicles, etc. The different safe driving algorithm has been actualized by Goose Q so it will lessen auto collisions and increment safe driving.
Goose Q affords the ideal solution in the shape of combining blockchain science and logistics into one single and end up a decentralized world platform that permits to do except ordinary payment structures and centralized unreliable data transfer and storage systems.

Goose Q is the largest in China road data computation engine

Large businesses do commercial enterprise in massive areas and for them, this tool is pretty important, as it helps to reduce charges and streamline the manner of production, income and associated services. However, a big downside and a problem in this location is the centrality, vulnerable data protection, and the human factor, due to the fact you have to believe 1/3 parties who can also be unscrupulous, divulge information to others, do now not fulfill the phrases of the transaction.

Digitalization of the logistics industry is happening all around the world. It is especially interesting to see how it goes in China — tremendous scale and prosperous ecosystem supported by using government authorities permit swift and thorough penetration of contemporary applied sciences and new business paradigms onto the market. In this short overview of adoption 3G and 4G applied sciences via the biggest street data computation engine Goose Q we will try to uncover the phenomena.


The Goose Q Project has its own sim-card that enables high market penetration rates.
It also issues the Daluka SIM-card as a participation work with a main Chinese media telecommunication specialist co-op named the China Unicom. The card is solely planned and made for truck drivers. The card contains a lot of Fun like entertainment and logistics applications and the drivers could download it for nothing to help their work.

This is the means by which Goose Q gathers huge amounts of information accumulations and gives great control to keep away from misrepresentation solicitations.

- Designated and launched with China Unicom:

China Unicom, the 4th world biggest media transmission specialist co-op, began to coordinate with Goose Q in December 2018
Directed and Targeted on truck drivers:

- China Unicom is opening up the specialty market of truck drivers through Goose Q business organize

Free calls inside the system: Standard bundle is around 35 every month and calls are free inside the system to permit drivers to discuss easily with their families while a long way from home

- Free traffic for 100+ accomplice applications:

Counting logistics business applications, recreation applications, and top hits, for example, TikTok

- 20m pre-orders:

The deals and sales began in April 2019 and full-scale entrance to the 30m truck drivers market is progressing

- 100+ distribution accomplices:

Counting significant logistics industry board platform radio stations, online fuel conveyance platform, and truck drivers networks community.

Why Goose Q is so Important?

Many companies announce big and ambitious ideas, raise funds, and then step by step towards their path. Goose Q is not the same. Goose Q has worked for the past ten years and now we are implementing a blockchain to empower businesses that already exist and are funded. Second, we are a big supporter of distribution and decentralization.

Decentralization is the most fundamental component of the blockchain innovation, which implies that blockchain applications don't rely upon a unified association, and utilize distributed recording, storage, and preparing of data. The logistics business is gigantic, and any concentrated model can't adequately take care of the issue of common trust in the whole business.

Blockchain innovation fuses different advanced innovation identified with computerized encryption to ensure that the information won't be gotten to illicitly. All members will get a declaration and a genuine ID.
Before they got their IDs, they will be solicited to present a document from reports and update their data consistently.
Goose Q gives a straightforward administration in immutability and transparency. The recorded information can't be changed by anybody and anything is profoundly exact. Then again, it builds the data credibility.
All system members are qualified for incentives and it is estimated through a reasonable framework. Goose Q makes an advanced digital flow inside the logistic business alongside boosting the energy of all truck drivers. It will, in the end, make a manageable environment.


Goose Q is the largest Chinese road calculation engine data with a development history of more than 10 years. The main goal of Goose Q is to provide visual, verifiable, credible, traceable, anti-fraud, unchanging data from the logistics industry to improve efficiency and transparency and improve the financial and psychological well-being of truck drivers.

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