cruel mushroom

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Hello, my dear radio listeners, television suckers and googlyeyes-admireres. a week ago I had a successful experience of crossing two my fave challenges: #googlyeyes and #wednesdaywalk. now the outerspace whispers to me it needs to be repeated; so, I'm repeating.
здравствуйте, мои дорогие радиослушатели, теле-жеватели и гугло-созерцатели. неделю назад я провел успешный опыт по скрещиванию двух моих любимых фото-эстафет: #googlyeyes и #wednesdaywalk. теперь космос мне шепчет, что нужно повторить! и я повторяю.
Well, since today is Friday, then .... welcome to our studio: #fungifriday! and #googlyeyes (no cool animation, tho; just simple artless photos, with color correction of course. I don’t have sufficient animation skills (one cannot have strong skills at every field, as noted by Napoleon), so... I dont hold my breath for win).
а раз сегодня пятница, то... в нашей студии: #fungifriday и #googlyeyes! (правда, без клевой анимации: простые безыскусные фотки, с цветокоррекцией конечно, как я умею. анимировать не моё, и призовое место мне явно не светит, раз уж 15 отборных персонажей в прош. раз не выбили даже #3, то... чего тут говорить).



The person seems to be a blood-thirsty type, what do you think? Personally, I am convinced he is! On another hand, the model is a puff-mushroom, which isnt a carnivorous creature, as far as I know. Oh, forgot to mention: he is tiny, the size is just 15mm, so I couldnt use my set of #googlyeyes on him. I looked around for a decent substitute and jumped on barberry berries, I used them; me thinks, they just match perfectly to his cruel nature.

original uncropped image as a bonus (color-corrected):


I tried a few different angles to emphasize the facial expression that opened up to me, but did not come to a conclusion which is better. please think for yourself which one is better. it might be better when they are altogether. Someone can fry this fish and make an animation -- but not me.
Я пробовал разные ракурсы, чтобы подчеркнуть открывшееся мне выражение лица, но не определился, какой вариант лучше, смотрите сами, какой вам больше понравится. может быть лучше все вместе. кто-нибудь может и анимацию сбацать -- но не я.




ps. I will share the rest puff-mushrooms I harvested this time, in a separate blog.

Happy Fungi Friday!


Colored pins can be used for small things. A piece of white paper and a colored pin head can make nice "eyes"

only if they are soft, right? no metal, no hard wood for pins :)

thanks for mention this receip!

Yes, it's just for soft things. Like this hedgehog :-)

You are an expert in googlyeyesing!
(Jako že seš fakt dobrej.)


Hey @bucipuci, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

simply amazing !!!! !BEER

Thanks :-)

Hey @bucipuci, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

He's a very old pac man, trying to chase away all the snail ghosts.

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great association, I am highly impressed. thank you.

He yells, get off my lawn to passers by.

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He looks really happy to me 🤣🤣

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oo! strange, hehe. well. so many people -- so many persons and opinions. each vision differs! thanks for sharing yours, my friend. have a !BEER

What a great find! Looks a bit like the head of a little (cartoon) dragon (the last three)

it is the light caused that shit quality :/ I feel ashamed and confused to add the last three... they are better in terms of the subject, but really suck in terms of photo-quality... but what could I do, I was shooting it when the light day was already finished :/

I am glad you enjoyed it!
will you join this challenge one day?
its a lot of fun, discovering faces in around-environment (and also creating them!)

look at that cute little monster :D awesome find!

just in time for Halloween, too, me thinks ;)

you really need a set of proper googly eyes, though! Kudos to finding creative solutions but it does miss a bit of the proper googlyness if you know what I mean?!

yes. totally agree, I do need more.
btw NOT A SINGLE EYES SET would match this creature (15 mm from withers to hooves!)
what I really need is a animation sklills level-up,
to match the public' taste in larger quantaties <sarcasm. maybe.>

They come in all sizes...


but never succumb to popular opinion... these are your googlies! and if they live still lives... that's just fine :D


Hey @googlyeyes, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

oh, i almost missed the pic, attached to your asnwer. hmm, indeed, ALL SIZES !!!! 8-)

I can almost imagine him turning slowly... and then...


With that super evil, deep, voice.
He is definitely evil one!

thank you. yes! not the Santa type :P

Different but beautiful

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This is amusing.

thank you! please check my other googlyeyes posts?
the latest one, i discovered 15 creatures at one yard!
(and join the fun)


@fraenk, I've done with this creature in the morning with better light. was able to find the pics, eventually (but cannot edit my post, steampeak doesnt work for me from home PC). if you'll find this rendition better, please use it in discord channel.



@tijntje, i've added a few captures to the post in comments. its a re-take in the morning light. (the barberry have become not so fresh, they wrinkled a bit)

На первых фото я вижу молодого ёжика, свернувшегося...но рогатого))))

ничего себе.... ёжик... лысый, что ли?

в кои то веки: несогласен! это не правильная ассоциация

поза ёжика, а иголки...дело наживное))

Wohooo !! That one looks really evil ^^ .. Amazing creation. I would never want to see one of those on my way as it definitly is a creature from the depths of hell. Even the elves would take a long way around ;)

Ooo laser eyes mushroom. Scary!! 😱 But so coool!! Hehe. Love your shots. He is just 15mm? Small scary laser eyed creature! Hehe.

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I already cant remember exactly, 15-20mm, very small fella, yes. with original impression on his face. I love creating faces with impressions!

Hehe actually his mouth looks glued together 😆 Speak no evil.

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