I tell Google's secrets! (Do not tell anyone!)

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Hello Champions!

Today I prepared a bomb blog post for you. I hope that you can keep secrets, because I tell Google's secrets in this blog post. But I tell these secrets only to you, because you are such a big bastions. :)

You have to promise that you do not tell anyone else. If you want to flex to your friends, you may show these tricks to them. Every nerd will become wet.

I show what you have to write into the Google. Watch this. Who would not like tornadoes, and we do not see enough, so we write "wizard of oz". Now you see some high-heeled red shoes. Click on it. The whole internet become sepia. And if you are tired enough, you can go back. Now click on the tornado. :)

And I have got good news for the 12 years old Marvel fans too. Search for "thanos". At the same place, where the high-heeled shoes were previously, now there is a glove. Check that out. Google is wearing-away.

I show you more that you go down to bridge. If you like to play some board game, and if you do not have a dice, you nicely write "roll dice".

If you would miss the summer of 2017, then Google also knows Fidget Spinner. Search for "10 value spinner".

Next trick. Write "google gravity", then click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky". Everything falls apart. This Google is very masochistic. And if you really want to, you can play on the ruins of the fallen browser. I tuck Google in, Google should not get cold.

Write "zerg rush", then click on "I'm Feeling Lucky". You can destroy that little yellow Cheerios pieces, if you click on them third times.

Write "more fish please", then click on "I'm Feeling Lucky". Google Underwater Search. More fish. Give the maximum. I want to freeze the whole thing. This is a fish mass grave.

Write "t-rex run", and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky". You get a T-rex game, where you have to jump over obstacles with the T-rex, while the T-rex is running.

If you write "google mirror", and also click on "I'm Feeling Lucky", then everything gets reversed.

Search for "do a barrel roll". And Google will... Well.. Do a barrel roll. What did you expected?

Write "search for Chuck Norris", then click on "I'm Feeling Lucky". Maybe you are not. :D

If you write "pacman", and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky", you get a Pacman game within Google.

Image source: Screenshot (https://www.google.com).
Screenshot was taken on 2020.02.17, 01:38 CET.

If you write "snake", and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky", you get a Snake game within Google. This vegan snake gave up the mouses, he/she eats apples.

Our next game is "atari breakout". Also click on "I'm Feeling Lucky".

Search for "tic tac toe". You get a playable game.

And if you want your rhythm sense to be good, search for "metronome". The default is 100 BPM, but I like hard rock, so I set it to maximum. 218 BPM.

After such a good party, we should relax with some breathing exercise. Just search for "breathing exercise".

If you know similar Google tricks, write them down in the comments, let even me down to bridge.

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