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RE: 5 billion dollar lawsuit filed against Google for snooping in Incognito mode

in #google2 years ago

Maybe they need some new porn?

I've moved to Brave, happy with the speed and the few dollars I'm given each month for doing what I normally do.....

 2 years ago 

I switched to brave a few times but never gave it a full go as my main browser until like a year ago and have been using it since with no problems.

I am not happy about their affiliate program hi-hacking though.

Hello @themarkymark ! I have also recently moved fully on Brave (about a week ago) and working fine with me too!

I just want to explore how much things like using Social Media or Netflix spoil some of the benefits it provides and if it is only for the tabs that we use on these sites or for the whole use. For example Netflix needed to install the Widevine extension for digital rights-netflix in order to function and Adobe installed Adobe Acrobat today (I have not enabled it yet).

What is your experience with their affiliate program and why aren't you happy with it? I have not explored it yet and I would like to.

 2 years ago 

I haven't really used their affiliate program much. I think I have like 2-3 downloads on it and that's about it.

Hello @themarkymark, ok thank you very much! 🙂

yep yep... like 2 years on brave