Gold! Lidar lecture...

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What a party. The the meetup later.

Got some new moves. So just wait. Time to really make this work.

Party ahead. You ready to get the treasure?

Well sometimes you have to learn something and let the process take it's time.

Dog isn't the happiest. Oh really. He wants to run and chase the ball during this. So he sits in the ride.

Time to really blaze things. And having fun. Bo fire and some gold mining would be an amazing winter. Well hopefully it's not super cold. That might make it for me and dog to be kinda cold and tons of firewood. Mmm firewood.

Well time does fly. And finding that gold isn't easy. So tools. I got metal detector and drone. So this is gonna be better than with nothing. I'm excited to see... More days and more things. IMG_20191117_142815325.jpg


What's a Lidar lecture sir ganjafarmer?

Lisa is a laser ground imaging. Shows you the trees and ground. So we can see the ancient river beds and where to prospect

Oh, very interesting stuff sir ganjafarmer!

Yeah I always try to learn about new technologies. Especially when they're so incredibly helpful when you are treasure hunting.

I agree, I never did any treasure hunting but it sounds awesome!

Treasure is awesome