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God's Unchained has come a long way since it's initial beta release. With each new update comes new features and better optimizations, but I got to thinking tonight, "What would I like to see added to the game?" I thought about this for a bit and decided that I should probably make a list. While I'm sure that I'll probably think of more things as time goes on, here's things that I hope will be added in future updates.

Friend's List

One of the biggest things that I think that Immutable could add to God's Unchained would be a friend's list. Currently, most players will use the GU discord server to say GG to other players that they just played against with often some small chat about any crazy plays that happened. The community of GU seems much less toxic as well when compared to Hearthstone. I really haven't seen any salty players in GU yet and I think that's awesome. Everyone is super friendly and being able to add your friends in game would be awesome. As an addition to this, being able to spectate your friends' games would be something else really cool that they could add.


While having a friend's list is great, at the moment there's no real way to be able to play against them unless you just happen to run into them on ladder. I feel like a friend's list and 1V1 would be great to be added together. While playing on ladder is awesome, it'd be great just to screw around with crazy decks that you and your friends made.

Daily Quests

One thing that I miss from my Hearthstone days are quests. While there's no in-game currency to earn at the moment from them, maybe having quests that reward a core pack would be really cool. It would be a big change of pace from just standard ranked played and would reward players for either getting a certain number of wins, playing a certain amount of a class card... it could be anything really.


If better AI comes along, I think a kind of adventure mode would be sweet. This would be great for those not wanting to play against a real person, but instead dive into a bit of the lore that GU has established. Perhaps through adventures, we could learn more about the Gods and their history with one another.

In-game Tutorials

There's a ton of tutorials for GU out there, both on the website as well as some well written articles on here and on Reddit. The problem with those are that while they're great, it would make the user experience much better for a beginner to have it included in the game, perhaps before you can even play constructed modes. While players coming from Hearthstone should pick it up pretty quickly, new players to digital card games in general may struggle a bit to grasp the basics of gameplay.


It should go without saying, but emotes can make a match fun. While you'd probably be able to message your friend's from in game, just a few emotes during the game can express gratitude, disappointment, anger... the sky's the limit really.

Optimizations For Lower-end Hardware

While this game runs beautifully on my gaming PC, on lower-end laptops, not as much. The more people that can play the game, the better off the game will be. I'm sure this will come with time though. Digital card games should be able to run smoothly on just about anything. I think it'll get there eventually.

Card History

How could I forget card history?! The biggest thing that we (probably) want to see added is a history of cards that were played. The card animations go by way too fast and oftentimes when I play, I have no idea what the hell just happened. At the moment, there's not a space on the board for it, but this is an addition that I feel is necessary.

These Freaking Boards!


I mean come on... what's not to love about these boards!? They look sick! You know it, I know it, your dog probably knows it.... this looks incredible!!!

That's all I can think of for the time being, but I'd love to know your thoughts on things that you'd like to see get added!

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I approve that a friends list would be great to see, but I feel like your approach is really just getting this game as similar to hearthstone as possible. I admit, I've come from Hearthstone as well, but wouldn't something more different than it be great? Spectating and a friends list is a must, yes, but we could stick out of quests, maybe try something like achievements? Those would be something to work for, instead of waiting each day in a repetitive manner to get another pack and another pack.

Good ideas, I'm with you on daily quests, card history and those boards! The 1 glaring problem I see with GU is the core set. I'm a new player and I noticed all anyone can earn from playing is core set cards. No one can sell or trade core set cards. I'm not against dropping $60 on a deck of genesis cards, but even if I do, I can still only earn core set cards. My initial impression is that GU is a trap. If players can't earn trade able cards through playing, there's no incentive to grind.