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Whenever I play Gods Unchained, Nature Starter is usually the deck that I play with as I find it not only fun, but pretty good for a starter deck. Every starter deck has it's pros and cons, but many people will consider Nature Starter to be one of the better decks to start with without needing to spend any money or earn any core cards. Since this is the one that I play with the most often, I felt like I could give a basic overview of the deck and the strategy to playing it. Later down the road I may make a more in-depth guide to this deck, but the best way to learn about this deck is simply to play with it!

Nature Starter is what I would consider somewhere between a zoo-styled deck and a token deck. For those unfamiliar, zoo decks are very aggressive decks that try to throw down many creatures especially in the early game and buff them to put pressure on your opponent. Token decks however tend to be more mid game that tries to control the game and the board while utilizing creature Roars to summon additional creatures and buffing your board of creatures at opportune times. The basic goal of this deck is to use the various creatures Roars that oftentimes spawn smaller creatures in addition to the main one that you summoned and to buff them into formidable allies.

Let's look at Nature's various God Powers.

Forage (2 mana)
Text: Remove six random cards from your void, if your void is empty, add a random nature card to your hand.

Flourish (2 mana)
Text: Give two random friendly creatures +1 strength until the end of the turn.

Leech Life (3 mana)
Text: Deal two damage to a random enemy creature. Heal your god for one.

Animal Bond (2 mana)
Text: Randomly summon a 1/2 Badger or a 2/1 Eagle.

While all of these are fairly good, the one here that I don't use often is Forage. While you don't often need your void cards with Nature, especially in Nature Starter you don't often have a completely empty void as usually opponent's know what you're playing and will often times destroy any creatures that you have meaning that you will always have cards in your void... so no Nature cards for you :(

Flourish is nice as it keeps with the theme of buffing creatures. Leech Life is good against aggro decks, but I feel like this could be 2 mana and still be fair. At 3 mana, it's a tough call. Animal Bond is just good for making sure that you're able to throw down something each turn.

Early to mid-game, you'll be throwing down a lot of creatures that have confused meaning that they only have a 50% chance of hitting the correct target. This isn't too bad though as they're slightly buffed for their mana cost as well as the fact that, at least for me, they tend to hit their targets... most of the time. You don't have a lot in the way of spell cards to remove creatures so smart trades with your own creatures is critical. Try to keep as many creatures on as you can unless you're playing against Deception as it's Rapture Dance can completely wipe your board with 6 mana. You'll have several options for buffs, but the biggest one being your 7 mana creature (I honestly can't remember it's name lol). It gives all of your creatures +1/+2 or +2/+1 randomly which is really good especially if you have at least 3 other creatures at the time that you play it.

There's no 9 mana cards in this deck so nothing super late game, but Vinebound Jotun is just an incredible card which deals 3 damage to all other creatures with Overkill. It has insane stats for 8 mana, but be careful not to take out your entire board without at least attacking with them first!

TL;DR Try to throw creatures down each turn and buff them when you can. Utilize creatures with Roars that summon additional creatures as you should hopefully be able to buff them to make it's Roar really good. If all hope seems lost late game, Vinebound Jotun can really help turn the tides of war in your favor.

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