My DNA was created for me by my God.

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I do not want my body, God’s creation, to be edited by any gene editing/therapy drugs such as the Covid-19 vaccines (CV-19). These vaccines are made with aborted fetal cell lines and incubated within aborted human embryonic fluid, which goes against my sincerely held religious belief of being a natural born human being.


The genetic material in the CV-19 vaccines force my healthy cells into differentiated abnormal (genetically modified) antigen presenting cells which then my DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) will activate the reverse transcriptase enzyme during late endosome creation. In other words, the technology in the vaccines snips my God created DNA and replaces it with a patented alternative RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) enzyme created by a pharmaceutical company, thereby synthetically modifying my own natural DNA that God provided for me.

This capability, in these vaccines, does
this (snipping and replacing) with any cell in the body, not just natural immune systems cells, so there is a lot of dangerous risk.


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And the “gain of function” viral vectors (or lipid nanoparticles) can transmove to all organs in the body and transmit from person to person if it's not targeted directly.

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The CV-19 vaccines inject lipid nanoparticles (or viral vectors) into the body, forcing it to make billions of harmful abnormal “spike proteins” ; these spike proteins are presented on the outside of the differentiated cell and packaged inside and expressed on the outside of exosomes. The lipid nanoparticles and viral vectors can transmit between humans, and the harmful spike proteins can "shed" from a vaccinated individual to bystanders, but because bystanders make their own unique exosomes from their God given DNA, the bystander’s immune system will see the spike protein from the vaccinated individual as a foreign invader and get rid of it. But if the bystander is in poor health, these spike proteins can cause health problems for them also.

The lipid nanoparticles and viral vectors can escape out of you (vaccinated individuals) and get lodged in the ovaries, brain, heart, lungs, etc. There is no telling which pathways will be used as these geneticly engineered nanoparticles can transmove all around inside the body and they can shed (come out) of those who are vaccinated.

Gene therapy injections are normally targeted to a specific area in the body and then the patient would be under close inspection for a month in a clinical setting and told to isolate for 28 days after receiving the gene therapy because of these shedding risks. The best way to do gene therapy is in “stasis” like when a caterpillar is in a cocoon. An individual should isolate for 28 days after receiving any gene therapy injection, but when people are getting the CV-19 vaccine, (a gene therapy injection) they are only required to be under observation for just 15 minutes after they have received their injection.

Every cell in your body can be targeted by these lipid nanoparticles, viral vectors and mRNA spike protein exosomes. This is what “gain of function” research is all about: how to create protected lipid membrane layers and viral vectors that confuse the human immune defense system in order to gain control of the body’s gene functions by infecting cells with syntheticly modified DNA or RNA

Children’s adaptive immune systems are very active and try to fight off these spike proteins quickly, sometimes causing a cytokine storm (fever, chills, cough, mucus forming, inflammation, etc,) that is the body’s way of trying to heal itself, but the nano particles in the CV-19 vaccines keep infecting the new cells causing the cytokine storm to continue.

Adults do not have as many active adaptive immune cells and only activate them as needed usually once or twice a year. As people age, their immune systems becomes more robust from their memory T cell information, since older people have been exposed to many common antigens throughout their lifetimes. This is why it makes sense that the Israeli data shows the natural immune system is 100% better than a vaccine drug injection, and this fact is well known.

The CV-19 vaccine (gene therapy) infects the body with two synthetic gene poisoning pathogens and is not safe or effective at protecting human life.









But it's very good for causing blood clots, making people infertile, and reducing population by killing useless eaters...