The invisible power corrupting humanity.

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It seems fairly clear that most of humanity's problems stem from excessive centralisation and top-down control by utterly corrupt institutions.

This is true in finance, technology, science, politics and, most obviously at present, in public health.

I would argue that the overarching power in this system is the financial/banking/'money power'.

I will point out that this isn't a euphemism for any racial, cultural or national group - that would make no sense based on the actual facts - that view, or perception of a view, is only ever used as a shield or scapegoat when it proves convenient, as far as I can see - often with horrendous results.

We are dealing with beasts of no nation and no people - though they seem to have a creed.

These are the Globalists, whose interests and worldview are most often diametrically opposed to those of broader humanity.

The increasingly pressing question facing us at this time is how do we free ourselves from this baneful influence and create our own systems that support humanity, human needs and human freedom?



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