Can someone write a post on Github (what its for, how it works)

in #github2 years ago

I have a vague understanding what github is for, basically I think its a repository of code. But I never understood how to use the code that people put on github.

A quick post with an overview would be great from someone in the know, touching on topic, like what is it for, how to use it, what are some of the features, and why has it emerged as the standard.

It would be good if you can tag me, so I can tip or upvote the post if it helps me.

Thank you (in advance)

Also if topic requests like this are against the rules, I am sorry, I read the rules on STEM Geeks and couldn't find it. Also note this is purely a curiosity on my behalf, so I am not planning on using it for any assignment or assessment task.


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