Rock Hounding, A New Hobby

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Living in Southeast Pennsylvania can have its perks.

One way that, my wife to be in one day, and I enjoy our free time away from the Karen’s and CoViD Zealots of the world is to go searching for rocks! Of course not just any plain rocks, but crystals more specifically.

We had some success and we have had many failures. In the end it is a fun experience each time and when we do find something of note, it resparks our yearning to find some treasure.

Because that’s kind of what it is!

I have a degree in Earth Science, yes, but mineralogy and crystallography I never delved into too deep. I now have a new found interest in that “field” but still, identifying every rock and mineral is not very easy at all.

I’m more in it for those perfect formed crystals everyone is so familiar with, and so is my dear love @kelsnm11.

A few recent finds below.


Quartz crystal


Quartz Crystal displaying several formed faces of a crystal and a nice clear transparent appearance.


Milky Quartz found on the mountain.


Chrysocolla I believe. The blue comes from the high copper content within the microcrystals of quartz that make up the rock itself.


Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase (green) and Agates - A slew of rocks we found together at the bend in the Schuylkill River.


Such beautiful crystals! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Prospecting is an absolutely phenomenal hobby and I really enjoy it not to mention also getting fined some of that absolutely gorgeous gold as well.

Me and my puppy dog say thank you very much for posting such amazing content we really appreciate your work and efforts here as well as I'm really enjoying how much fun you had.

Absolutely phenomenal job congratulations on a huge pile of finds.


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