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RE: Graphene Oxide - what is the story?

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"Hang tight, We are going for a wild ride! Most everything you are about to read is the work of a bunch of crazy clever doctors in a lab in Chile, and the link to their archive is here:

Graphene oxide nanoparticles are an undisclosed adjuvant in the vaccine formulations. These particles have properties that make them a 5x multiplier of EMF and their peak absorption band is in the 5G frequency range. That’s why 5G rollout has been just as important a goal as vaccine coverage. All through the pandemic lockdowns these towers were going up everywhere. Even when covid cases were reported to be scary high and nobody went to work, people building the 5G system were hellishly busy bees.

As it turns out this is why 5G has as high a priority as giving you their vaccines: Graphene Oxide particles join to bio-molecules and become magnetic in the presence of 5G EMF! Graphene laden vaccines, masks, swabs, pcr and antibody testing kits, atmospheric aerosol sprays and hundreds of other things we come into contact with every day are covered in these toxic graphene nano-particles to get that stuff into everything and everyone. WHY? Because this reactivity to microwave energy also makes people 'things' in the internet of things. They become repeaters in a global mesh network. They send and receive… EFFECTIVELY.

Again… Why? Because as I have told you before, 5G emitters have a 900 foot range and you just cant have a tower every 900 feet, but what you can have, is people everywhere! Don't forget how overpopulated they keep reminding us that the planet is now. (which is just so much more bunk, along with climate change and carbon foot prints and all the rest of it.)"



Excellent sleuth work! I am in awe! Question for you regarding folks becoming a living, breathing 5G mast.

Do they need to be in range of WiFi or simply just a cell tower signal? I (a "refusenik"), have 4 family members staying overnight. Knowing full well the harm of being around the vaccinated, not only to myself, but to my sweet old dogs, what can I do? YIKES! Massive transmission!

The vaccinated will transmit their toxic load & I don't know how you could protect yourselves.
Here is some advice: