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image.png explains some simple concepts.

Wallace Thornhill - Future Science in our Electric Universe goes into the theory in great depth.

Wallace Thornhill - The History of Electric Universe Ideas

The Chinese knew this wisdom thousands of years ago and developed a system to explain it by beginning with positive & negative expressed as Yang & Yin.


Energy is expressed as Qi or Chi.



Healing, in Traditional Chinese Medicine depends on understanding that living beings are miraculous, electro-magnetic energetic organisms.
AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. As is the universe, so are we.

If this way of understanding life is confusing to you, search the pages uploaded here & others linked within:

So why is our atmosphere progressively filled with a confusion of artificial electro-magnetic frequencies which can only harm life?
Is it happening out of human ignorance?


Science suffers from compartmentalisation.
Few have connected the myriad of concepts within it and are working in ignorance of the importance of the electric universe.
They know not what they are doing.

But those who are aware cannot claim ignorance.
I believe that there is a class of humanity, well aware of the natural forces, which is using their knowledge to limit or even destroy life purposefully.

So while you read this, via your electro-magnetic device connected to wifi, stop and think about how intense the synthetic frequencies are all around you.
Think about the damage they are doing to your natural electro-magnetic circuitry, research how you can challenge the offenders, but above all, defend yourself against them because your life depends on it.


science controversy meme.png

If we want to live long and prosper we must find a safer way to communicate. Don't you agree?

It is no house of cards and it is not falling.
It is a solid foundation built for centuries.
The Black Nobs do not need our consent for their plans.
They are following their blueprint, Revelation.
Read it as an instruction manual.
Know that generations of thought manipulation has generated/manifested it with their most potent alchemy - FEAR.
They will not deviate from the plan.
They are bound by covenants and secret Wills which disinherit or assassinate conscientious objectors.
There is no such thing as a virus.
Only toxins, some of which are invisible and have been carefully created to deal death by stealth.
We are electric beings living in an electric universe.
The Black Nobs know it.
Make sure you do too.


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#ditchyoursmartphone Ditched mine over 2 years ago, never use wifi and if I'm going out I wear my wifi protective necklace (the same one Tom Cowan has) which I also bought over 2 years ago.
I've also been looking into tuning forks and ordered my first one last week, just waiting for it to arrive.

I have never owned a "smart" device of any kind. I am a tad 'neanderthal' since I lived off grid between 2004 & 2008. I hard wire via my landline to access the internet and I have an earthing plate under my bare feet when I am at my desk. I monitor EMFs in my environment with an Acousticom2 meter & am shocked by the invasion of signals from my neighbourhood & (presumably) from satellites.
Acousticom 2 image.jpg

I have never had much faith in claims made about shungite or similar. Why do you trust their efficacy?

Michael Clarage: Electrical Shaping of Biology

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