The Most Ignorant Generations Soon

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Reading opens the brain's imagination to grasp the picture and sound, watching delivers the picture in fast meals, hearing delivers the audio in a stripped fast meal, which is more important to develop one's brain, especially the children?

Some parents think their children are smart once they can work on their new laptops or smartphones, they even think the books are for old-fashioned people, that's how much life is twisted.

The very first sentence known in Islam was when Arch Angel Gebrail told Prophet Muhammad PBUH: "Read", and he repeated it thrice before delivering the rest of the first verse in Quran. Prophet Muhammad was illiterate yet his most important guidance was in knowledge and brain challenge, see what the Muslims achieved during the days when Islam was growing. God surely knows reading is very important starting the greatest and fast-growing religion with "Read".

Image source: New Syria FB page

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