A Snail Of A Tail!

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Hello everyone! So in the last garden update I was in the process of getting my garden bed ready. After working in some decent quality garden soil, and some compost I then planted the Watermelons, and Glass Corn seedlings. Soon after, we got a cold spell, and it has slowed things down a bit. But now the weather is getting warmer, and hopefully I will see some good growth this week!

Seeing worms is something I will always welcome. It gives me high hopes for a nice garden this year. Besides the grass, and weeds, this spot has not seen any agriculture since at least 1982. I am not 100% positive, but it is a great chance this was once a lettuce, or strawberry field. So this soil is not as over worked as the row crops across the road, which I am sure they have to lay down a crap load of salt fertilizers to have success.

So in the last couple updates I was going on, and on about Gophers being a big concern. They still are, but there was one creature I did not think about. A creature that is in abundance here, and I can not go a day without seeing dozens of them.....


Oh yes, these little things do some devastation! I am sure most of you are well aware. I myself did not know this until last year. I had a cannabis plant out in my backyard, and one morning I went out, and saw this slime all over the leaves. I actually thought it was a caterpillar, another nasty pest! After looking up, and down the plant there was no sign. Well this kept up for a few more mornings. After not seeing any caterpillars, I decided to do a Google search of slime on plants. This is when I learned that it was a snail doing this. Luckily that was an easy fix, I just lifter the pot up to a higher point on my porch.

Snail damage after just 1 night!

I tried to put up a barrier, but with no luck. These things can really get around! Next up I will put some crushed egg shells around the base, and hopefully that works. I thought about laying some salt down, but am afraid it will ruin the the plants. Any tips, and suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

I have added some more flavors to the garden. Some Jalapeno, Habanero, Serrano Peppers, and some Tomatoes. I also picked up some Cilantro, but I will try to grow that home. You cant see them since the Snails had a go at them, but I planted some Marigolds to attract beneficial insects. Such a waste! I did however plant some Marigold seeds, in hope I take care of this Snail infestation by then.

I decided on getting some starts from the local nursery. Starting from seed is more rewarding, but also time consuming. Exact reason why I also picked up clones for my indoor cannabis grow. However even though this is something that is very convenient, I would 100% recommend everyone to learn how to germinant, and how to have a successful harvest from seed. If shit really did hit the fan, after the dust settles, it will be one of the most valuable skillsets to have.

That is all I have for you now. I still have the Sunflowers that I plan to plant near the office, so we can have a nice view of them. I did plant a couple, and yes you guessed it. Snails devoured them! Luckily I still have a few more left, and I will just grow them out until they are no longer seedlings before I put them in the ground. Same goes for the other Glass Corns that are going in the same spot. Thinking about all this is really exciting. I really think those Nintendo games I recently found has turned me into an even bigger nerd then what I was. Which is something I am truly grateful for. Sure my younger self is probably laughing at me, but I wish I could go back, and slap some sense into that kid. This is something I should of done ages ago. Thanks for reading, and please remember, all tips are welcomed. :)



Snails suck, Can't give you any tips Besides maybe cayenne pepper? Around the stock of the plant.

Ill look into that. Thanks bro!

I mest up and posted this without putting it into the community.

Grow your own, the whole way whenever possible! Sure, you can pay someone else to do part of the process...
As for snails they will be gone when the weather dries up. They can't handle heat or dry. You must have had some damp/cool weather lately, I doubt those guys will be a problem much longer. Declutter any parts of your grow area they might be hiding in (they attach underneath leaves to sleep away the day).

That’s one issue living here, it gets damp every morning due to the coastal fog. But I will look for them hiding nearby. I already found some under neath the barriers!

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man, i wrote about the snails protection in one of my previous posts
it's not the first time... after they've eaten 4-5 baby lettuces right after planting... but i forgot to sprinkle plenty of egg shells around them... (there're are many laying in my compost, so i collected them)
snails get hurt... and avoid going there ;)
and IT WORKS! doing it for a couple of years now!
in addition, this gives calcium to the soil!

I think I recall this! It’s funny how you really don’t think of this stuff until it’s to late lol. Good looking, I really need to start making some omelettes asap!

ahah yes! :D
our Orthodox Easter is this Sunday... so they're going to be many egg shells around :P
...as I plan to plant some more lettuce varieties :)