My 'garden' update

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Blogs can be public and blogs can be a personal journal. Whatever the times bring I can always go back to the blockchain and see what rubbish I have written about. This on the other hand is a cool thing for myself or anyone else to look back and read about.

I wrote about a week and a half ago about planting in my iDOO hydroponics system. I'm growing cucumbers not marijuana. Marijuana is cheap and almost everywhere in Canada. Yes cucumbers are a thing as well. I'm thinking of pickling these cucumbers when and if they produce anything.


4/7 took nicely. Looks as though the top took the biggest hit for whatever reason. The roots on the others look to be coming in nicely. The roof expends so I'll see how high these can actually grow without interfering with each others light. In the end some might end up outside and the two biggest will stay in the pond.

Whatever the price of Cucumbers this coming summer doesn't matter. Hopefully I'll have a nice batch of my own coming in. Stay tuned I'm sure you are all very excited lol.


why the weed tag?

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Cuz I can grow lol flag if you like.

Well weed is for cannabis not gardening FYI

you grow weed. Anyways yah it was terrible spam

And I don't see the need for flags was just asking as tag spam SUCKs


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I remember the hydroponic plants. They are growing just great. Think that happens with theses, some small and others get really big !