Testing the New System & Playing the "Mystery of Epstein Island Game"

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Mystery of Epstein Island - First Ever Game Stream

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It has finally happened, I played a video game on a video stream, I am officially "a gamer" now crew. I started off my gaming online career with a Cult Classic "The Mystery of Epstein Island". The most based game ever made.

This was my test of the new system I have purchased. As I transition back from an Apple Laptop to now having a gaming PC desktop built by Digital Storm it is an awkward but necessary move.

Last night I fired up OBS, and with restream I broadcasted to DLIVE. I had audio issues, window capture issues, buffering going on, it was quite a mess. However in the end we got it working and played some "Mystery of Epstein Island" a fun little game made by a based fren.

Yes a Pepe the Frog named Apu lands on Epstein Island, it is quite a game.

Anyways here are the replays:

First Attempt:

Second Run and playing the game a bit:

Third Attempt:

Thanks for watching these exclusive DLIVE videos.



Well deserved new rig, @titusfrost ;)

BTW, did you know that you can set 8 tags since HF22?

No, but that is an improvement. Thanks for the heads up!

You are welcome, @titusfrost

There's a few Easter Eggs that aren't very obvious to the player. One, get the flags from Shia's bedroom and two, get the crown from the puppet. When you see Terry with a shotgun, give him the crown after your conversation with him.

When you enter the last phase of the dungeon, to the left of the screen of the moloch statue is a hole. Use the flag from Shia's room to attach it to the statue and go down into the hole for another easter egg

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Highly rEsteemed 😎🥓


Always good to promote awareness of Epstein, and this is done via a video game that is amazing and hilarious at the same time!

lolol "Mystery of Epstein Island"