First Look at Playstation 5 Running the New Unreal 5 Engine!

in #gaming2 years ago


Some crazy new graphics coming to next gen consoles with Epic Games (of Fortnite fame) releasing gameplay footage sourced from the new Unreal 5 engine, which will be supported on the new Sony Playstation 5. With their work on their new lighting engine "Lumen" and their new 3D rendering engine "Nanite" the guys over at Epic Games are knocking the ball out of the damn park, and with these newly released gameplay demo footage from the Playstation 5 it seems they are taking huge steps to differentiate the upcoming generation of video game consoles from the previous one.

While tending to lean towards the PC side of gaming myself seeing what this next generation of consoles should be capable of is really quite exciting. Medium and High end PC gaming has always lead ahead of the video game console in regards to graphics and sheer processing power but it appears that this gap is being significantly lessened if not showing signs of parity after seeing this tech demo above.

Exciting times ahead for sure for gamers and quite interesting to see more and more info and tech demos coming out in regards to the next generation systems. Certainly waiting to see what they are doing towards VR on these next generation systems as well. The almost movie like quality of these graphics translated to VR could be absolutely life changing for lots of people if pulled off properly.


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