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RE: Reviewing websites for $ / Gamification without $ incentives

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That's a tricky one. I am glad that arcange has bought over the ranking thingy. I can't remember what he changed the name to. Hive buzz? It would be nice if there was a better rep system that used engagement also in its calcs. People could work for badges and levels and stuff

You blew it!!! ( The trumpet ;0))


It was a dare!

Yeah hivebuzz, it's probably the best gamification that isn't directly related to rewards, although you do receive some of the rewards by earning rewards :)

A long-standing issue with gamifying for rewards is that people will game the games - escaping that whilst promoting good behavior and an good time had by all is to take the reward element away, which is tough for a 'rewards-based social media platform'.

Tough one!

It is tough. Get that ocdb lot to start promoting ENGAGE again! But that is more of a monetary thing rather than sexy gamification. Hmm. Taraz will have something I'm sure!

ENGAGE needs a bot-man to set up the commands/distribution again. But as you say, you earn tokens, and tokens could = $. Taraz always has something :P

A bot man... Could write a song about that... Bada bada bee bat bat bada bot. Bat bat bada bot. I'm the bot man!!

Sounds familiar... A cross between Eiffel 70 something and Scatman :O

All the best stuff is re-use!

A bit like code, unless I wrote it to begin with! :D

Lol. like mine then. It's ridiculously beyond re-use

hivebuzz, it's probably the best gamification

Thank you for your kind words about the HiveBuzz project @abh12345. Feels good to read.
Why not support us and vote for our witness 😁


The reason I don't vote for this witness is because I vote for arcange and assumed that this is also arcange?

@hivebuzz is a project created by arcange. Supporting us as witness helps us to keep doing what we do and even more 😉
cheers, @lizanomadsoul