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RE: Reviewing websites for $ / Gamification without $ incentives

in #gamification2 years ago

I think the blockchain has the inherent base for gamification, or at least some elements. Levels, like reputation and the rewards. I love the concept, theory and psychology of Gamification. What you're talking about is amplifying that core experience by applying motivational techniques to make engagement fun and separate from the monetary reward mechanism. How can we layer it in to give us the holy grail, make it addicting and tap into that dopamine response to get us even more engaged and make that monetary reward less significant.

Hive-buzz is an great example but passive. Front-ends like PEAKD are in a good position to add gamification... not sure what plans they have around it... and from a technical side these could be sidechain(SCOT/HMT's) based things or proprietary database solutions.

Asher, I think you are heading in the right direction with EL... we just need that next push to have the tools and game mechanics added in.