Gamification - Understanding its implementation into Software Development 🎮

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Days ago @steempeak in one of its posts introduced Badges. For me as a developer Badges are an exciting feature and one of the base concept of Gamification.

What is Gamification?

Badges consists in an awesome concept for any social networking or platform, websites and for any online tool since they encourage more community interactions. Working with complex softwares in platforms that i work or develop we use badges part of Gamification related features.

Gamification is the process of taking the game and all the game features and implementing them in any platform we want in order to increase engagement, user participations, loyalty, user interactions, awareness, and the level of competition.

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

Concept of the Game

Most of the people play games, we know that. Also we know what is a game.
A game has

  • Target/Goal/Mission
  • Participants/Players (1 or multiples)
  • Rules
  • Awards/Badges
  • Levels/Points
    Everyone who plays a game knows that will not be easy, that will face obstacles in order to complete the mission and achieve the goal. But knowing that completing the mission will result into getting awards it will make the player to be more engaged.

Imagine implementing and introducing this concept into your business model, your social platform or your software model.

  • It will increase user engagement
  • It will increase users participants
  • It will increase platform loyalty
  • It will introduce new concept of software developers
  • It will be fun for developers who will implement the concept
  • It will be fun for the users who use the concept

Gamification is fun, it gives users a more reason to engage to use the platform, to participate more often.

Kudos to all the developers in Steem who have achieved implementing the gamification concept or who are working hard to achieve it. It will mean a great deal to all community and users for sure.



I have implemented gamification features in several CRM projects. It was pretty successful even in rather conservative sales departments.
Everybody likes little games from time to time.

Glad to hear that. Indeed is very true
Thank you for your reply. Kudos 😃

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We appreciate your post and we think you're on the right track... would love to see you talk about what you think is possible with badges and what users could do with them that would make the experience of steem lots better.

Also this is the type of post we'd welcome in the c/SteemPeak Community

Thank you. Rreally appreciate it 😀

Word! 👏🏻

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