v0.7.421 is Now Live!

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A quick update to tonight which has fixed some stuff on the back end regarding loading of large bet arrays when users log in, as well as enabling deposits via the STEEM KeyChain browser extension! This addition of the KeyChain deposits being allowed on the server greatly simplifies the movement of STEEM onto the site, with users no longer having to worry about sending to the wrong account and losing funds. All the user must do now is click the "Deposit Via STEEM KeyChain" link on the deposit popup and then they will be greeted with the following:


  1. Users can enter the name of the STEEM account they are sending the deposit from
  2. Enter the amount of STEEM you would like to deposit into your account
  3. Click the deposit button, which will trigger the STEEM KeyChain extension to open up to confirm


Once the STEEM KeyChain transfer popup has appeared and you click the confirm button the STEEM should be transferred into your account in less than 10 seconds. Hopefully now that deposits are easier on the site we'll have a greater conversion rate from people checking the site out into players and investors. Admittedly I probably should have implemented STEEM KeyChain deposits since the beginning however the addition of them now should help the site retain users and create new ones. One of the initial problems with the original deposit method was that users had to navigate off the site in order to go to their wallet and fill out the transaction to the "steem-rollerd" account and ensure they had the correct memo. This newly implemented STEEM KeyChain method greatly simplifies things.

One other change this patch is that withdrawal fees have been set to 0.1 STEEM. This small increase is mostly to prevent people from faucet farming small amounts of STEEM and withdrawing them, although it is likely that those holding VIP subscriptions in the future will only be charged 0.01 STEEM to withdraw. The deduction of withdrawal fees is not yet implemented for VIP subscription holders but likely will be by the end of the month when v0.7.5 is scheduled to release.


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