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Glad to announce that v0.7.420 is now on the live server and running smoothly by the look of it. While not the full v0.7.5 planned for the end of this month a plethora of new functions and features have been patched in, in what is essentially a preview and live test of some of the planned v0.7.5 functions.

What is New in v0.7.420?

A number of changes to the platform have been released in this latest patch, not limited to but including the following:

Links & Images in Trollbox


While seemingly a no brainer, the sites chat now allows for links to be hotlinked as well as images to be shared in the chat by use of the < img src=" " > HTML tag (without the spaces, and with link to image between the src=" "). The links, images and any HTML entered into the chat is sanitized in order to prevent malicious use of these abilities, which will hopefully keep users safe and would be hacker asshats at bay. The linking and image sharing in chate will be further polished in future versions however to make it easier to do.

Monthly VIP Memberships


Currently the VIP membership is implemented, although all of the planned perks and features that will come with having an active VIP membership are not. For a price of 10 STEEM a month (30 days) a number of perks on site will be able to be unlocked including but not limited to more daily faucet claims, stop loss settings on the auto bet page, decreased STEEM withdrawal fees, enhanced control over investment leverage, ability to claim faucet with a balance, unique VIP trollbox UID flair and some other features. At the moment the only perk offered until the release of v0.7.5 at the end of the month is an increase from 10 faucet claims a day to 40, with an increased regeneration rate of claims. Regular users regenerate faucet claims at a rate of 1 every 8640 seconds, VIP users regen a claim every 2160 seconds.

VIP membership subscriptions stack on eachother so if you're looking to support the site development but also receive a bonus in doing so, besides being listed on the sponsors if you donate a decent amount of STEEM towards development, you can purchase a bunch of monthly memberships to ensure you receive VIP perks available now and future perks for the foreseeable future. More perks for VIP users will be added as development continues well into the future.

Enhanced Global Site Statistics


Monitoring what is going on with the site is important to users and the new global tab shows far more information than the prior version. The biggest additions this patch are the "Average Leverage" ad "Site House Edge Luck" fields which display the average investment leverage currently deployed by investors in the bankroll and what the sites house edge performance is currently doing compared to the 1% take it is supposed to mathematically do. With the average leverage displayed for all to see it allows investors in the bankroll to adjust their leverage to a level where it is closer to what everyone else is at in order to not run such a risk of having their capital liquidated by lucky gamblers. The site house edge luck ideally is supposed to run at 1% however due to variance it may run above or below this, indicating that mathematically the house is either due for losses or wins. With enough betting this number should converge to 1% due to the house edge on the site and the law of large numbers. Deviations from this though are not uncommon, and as stated above, are merely an expression of variance due to gambler luck.

Alerts When Faucet Claim is Ready


Faucet can be claimed every 5 minutes or so given that you've got enough remaining daily faucet claims to do so. As of v0.7.42 not only with the tab flash alerting you that your faucet claim is ready but the drop on the faucet button will also light up green in order to signify that you can get free STEEM. On top of this the VIP star will light up yellow on login if you've currently got a VIP membership active. These functionalities still need a bit further developed but are a nice little addition to the site, and will hopefully make it easier for players to realize that their faucet is ready to claim and that their VIP membership is active.

Bets in User & High Roller Tab Now Persist


Upon login the "User" and "High Roller" tabs will now populate with the latest bets in order to give a sense of continuity between sessions. Previously prior bets on both tabs were not loaded which meant when logging in you saw neither your previous betting session wagers nor would you be able to see the last high roller rolls performed on the site unless you were logged in. This all changes as of v0.7.420 which certainly makes the site a little bit more completed feeling. On top of your own bets being loaded on login you'll now be able to show off your big wins (or loses) to the other users as the high roller tab will persist and be shared to everyone, regardless of if they were present when you wagered big or not. Currently the all tab isn't populated on load until I develop a function to do so that won't cause a strain on the sites DB.

Private Messaging in the Trollbox


Users can now send eachother private messages in the trollbox by using the /msg username message command. If the user is online they will receive the message and nobody else will be able to see it. Messages are not saved and are not posted to the blockchain so you've a certain degree of security when using the /msg command to private message your friends or ask questions to me in private. The functionality still needs a small amount of work, mainly to do with applying time stamping and having messages persist when the receiving user is offline but this will be done in a future version of the site. For now this should work though for covert communication between users while playing on the site. In the future the options will allow for folks to specify if they'd like to be alerted via audio and/or tab flashing upon receiving a private message, or have the ability to block certain users or all users from contacting them via the /msg commands in the trollbox.

Optimization of the Real-Time Profit Chart


The real-time profit chart introduced a few patches back was a cause of concern after addition due to its innate ability to lag the hell out of peoples browsers after having a few hundred bets fed into it. Given the nature of a chart taht updates every bet it was decided that optimization was needed in order to justify keeping the chart functionality on the site. So now by default when logging in the bets rendered on the chart will be set to 50, which should be ok for most browsers to safely render per a bet. However if you've got a good PC or don't mind a bit of browser lag you can set the amount of bets you'd like to allow rendered by the chart on the options tab.

Setting the bets rendered above 50 may cause lag, although with a decent CPU and GPU you may be able to get away with setting the bets rendered variable as high as 500 or more.. although I don't recommend this for low to medium powered PC or laptop setups. In the future the site will save the options set on the tab however for now on login they are set to their default amounts.

Various Other Optimizations

A decent chunk of the work done on this patch is behind the scenes stuff to do with server optimization or administrator functions that the users have no access to. Moderator functions are being built in too as of this patch version but the mod system isn't ready for public testing yet so has been disabled in this release. This version of the site was pushed out in order to publicly test the VIP function and implement the daily faucet limit to prevent users from completely draining it as before they were allowed to claim as much as they wanted as long as their 5 minute faucet timer was finished. The full v0.7.5 release is planned to be released by the end of this month and will further build on this latest release, bringing the site closer to a full release v1.0 which will be a great triumph after almost 3 years of development. Still a long way to go in developing the site but it's much closer to complete and full planned v1.0 functionality than it was a few months ago. Development progress, even though currently unfunded, with little external supports from the community, is in fact moving forward and aims to continue to build upon this platform. is an onboarding tool, STEEM use case, investment vehicle and place where STEEM can change hands. Ultimately it is a site that when finished will bring value to the STEEM ecosystem and act as a reason for people to trade other crypto currendies for STEEM in order to be able to come play or invest with the site.

That is the goal is to build our ecosystem a world class service that will bring in more users and capital.
Thanks for reading, See you on!

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