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RE: Motorola g50: All the phone I need

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What does it do and how well does it do it? That's the only question I ask myself when buying a new phone. I could care less about name or status. For me, I generally look at WiFi hotspot capabilities, camera, and storage.

I will admit though, I'm starting to lean towards Samsung products. I've purchased Motorola, LG, and Nokia phones also, but I've had the least problems with my Samsung phones. I thought that changed with my Nokia, but I've got a huge issue with that one now. I'm going to do a review on that one in the next couple days.

Enjoy the new phone. I loved my Motorola when I had it. Not sure if it's still an issue, but they tend to overheat in the sun, so be careful where you set it during the summer months!


I don't think you can assume too much about previous faults carrying over as I expect the designs change radically over a few years.

I've owned a few Motorolas and my first mobile was the one on the left. Someone I worked with gave me the flip phone when I was going to the US and mine didn't handle the frequencies used there. The Benq was my first smart phone running Microsoft OS. Some of these were used by other members of the family.


Nice collection! I keep all my old tech too. I think Motorola was my first too. I had the brick...


I miss the old flip phones. Honestly, if it wasn't for crypto, I'd probably go back to my flip phone. The novelty of carrying a computer around in my pocket is starting to wear off.

I don't think you can assume too much about previous faults carrying over

No doubt, they tend to fix issues pretty quick these days. A competitive market keeps them all honest too for the most part. It's in their best interest to get issues fixed quickly.