Motorola g50: All the phone I need

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I am not one for buying the latest flagship mobile phone. My phone is a tool and not a status symbol. I have never owned an iPhone as I never really got into Apple stuff. The things I use my phone for are mainly:

  • Some photography, but it is mainly snaps as memories and, of course, to use online.
  • Listening to podcasts.
  • General internet use, including Hive via @ecency.
  • Logging my running, but my Garmin watch does the actual tracking.
  • Some streaming, but that is usually to a Chromecast on the TV as I like a decent size screen.
  • The occasional phone call.

My last couple of phones have been from Motorola who give you a pretty vanilla Android experience. They have served me well, but the last one (a G6) eventually locked up and was not getting updates anyway. So in January I bought a Moto g50 for £159.

There were cheaper phones available, but this offered:

  • 5G.
  • Long battery life.
  • Reasonable cameras.
  • 64GB of storage.


This phone has a few firsts for me. It has USB C, which at least removes the problem of trying to insert the cable the wrong way around. It also has a screen filling the front with a camera notch. This meant learning the gestures to navigate. I do not really like that phones keep getting bigger, but there do not seem to be many that fit better in the hand.


The back has the, now obligatory, multiple cameras and fingerprint sensor. You can see photos I have taken in my recent posts. The cameras seem pretty good. I have found my previous Motorola did well in low light and this does too, so I rarely use the flash.


The macro mode is good for getting in close.

I have no real issues with performance. All the apps I need run fine. I do not tend to play games on my phone and maybe some of those need a faster processor. So far I have only used half the storage with apps and media. It is possible to add an SD card for more.

The battery life is excellent. It can last a couple of days with normal use, so I would not need to worry about running out. I do not think the battery is replaceable without special tools. The phone is partially waterproof, but I will not test that too much. It has a proper headphone jack,

After two months I am still very happy with this phone. It is nothing fancy, but I do not feel like I am missing out on anything. I hope it will last me a few years. I will replace it when it either breaks or becomes a security risk through lack of updates. I do not bother buying special phone insurance as I can afford to write off the cost. If I were paying £800 for a phone I might think otherwise. I just do not want to have that much money in my pocket and I might get paranoid about dropping or losing it.


Nice - that totally does the job!

I am an iPhone user but I've used Android in the past and I think they are both good.

For me probably the only thing that actually makes the higher end models worthwhile is the camera quality (either Android or iPhone) - all the other features/speed etc aren't important but I do appreciate the better cameras as I don't use any other camera.

Phone cameras a so good these days. I have various digital cameras, but they hardly get used. I just needed something to take pictures of the phone.


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I started with Apple a long time ago so stuck with it. I get a new model about every 4 or 5 years, so it’s fine by me paying 1000$ for it. Although.. for the basics they make much cheaper and reliable stuff. I use the heck out of the Apple and it communicates with all my other devices I. And around the home and office. Scary really.

I would hope the Apple stuff all integrates together. My dad has an iPhone and iPad. He bought a Mac, but couldn't get on with that, so went back to Windows. I use Linux on the PC and there are some Linux phones, but there are limited options with those. They may not run the apps I need.

You have to have something that meets your needs. That's priority #1. Apple is way OVER PRICED for what they offer.. but they do offer that cute little white apple with the bite out of the side 😆

A strong brand does have power. I don't doubt that their technology is good too, but it just doesn't suit me.

we like to have 1 of every I pad and I phone in this house, just in case.....

It can be easier if everyone in the family uses the same tech. My dad has an iPhone and I can't help him much with that.


Just a shame they not very nice company as the tech is great lol

just for chargers alone.....

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That's and above standard/average phone, if you ask me. Those are the kind of phones I use, albeit not from Motorola. I also don't view my phones as status symbols or try to get features that are not useful enough.

It's a fraction of what some people pay, but almost as good. Seems like a good deal to me.


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I hate the status symbol part. I know so many people who do so many things as a status symbol even the stuff they eat. I just don’t get how people eat what they think is classy but most likely don’t even enjoy it.

I don't buy clothes with 'designer' logos on them either. It's not that I don't care what people think, but I don't care about people who worry about having the 'right' brands.

I actually don’t even buy clothes like the average person if I don’t need to. Not that I live like a hobo with torn clothes but I just think it’s extremely wasteful and also bad for the environment to live in such excess.

I also hope to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible when I do leave.

I've only owned Motorola phones for the past 5 years. My G7 Power is more than enough phone for me and the battery life is astonishing on it and costs under $200. I've always hated Apple and I refuse to ever own anything they make.

That's nice! I also see my phone as a tool and I spend accordingly.

I'm using a Xiaomi at the moment but my previous phone was a Motorola and it was great. I had it for almost 5 years!


I'm fairly similar in my phone selection. I mostly wanted a good camera so when doing research I Googled "best budget phone cameras" hahaha and was able to narrow it down to 3 reasonably priced phones.

The last 3 phones ive gotten have all been a little bigger than the previous one and they always seem too big at first. But after I get used to it they seem normal to me. My wife has an IPhone because she gets a phone through work and I'm always like how can you see anything on this tiny little thing 😆.
My phone doesn't feel big now, but since I'm thinking about it I wouldn't want it to be any bigger. I think this is the max size for me.

You tend to get used to the size after a while, but it still has to fit in my pocket.

Haha yes. That's very true.

Interesting post! I have always had iPhones. I guess they were the first smart phones to come out, and I bought my first one in 2008. It lasted me very well until I dropped it down a toilet, and never came back to life. The replacement, an iPhone 5s covered the following 7 or 8 years, until I got a iPhone 12 mini just over a year ago.

Otherwise, I hate apple products. The few times I have had to use a Mac have driven me nuts. :)

Nothing wrong with sticking with what you know. I think Apple may support their phones for longer, so they can keep going. Some of them are just so expensive.


Stupidly expensive. I guess that if I keep this current one for another 7 years, then it's not so bad though.... :)


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My phone is a tool

Ooft, that is a bit harsh, it looks alright to me... ;O)

One of those words with different meanings :) Actually I use it to knock nails in.

heh heh, indeed! :OD

What does it do and how well does it do it? That's the only question I ask myself when buying a new phone. I could care less about name or status. For me, I generally look at WiFi hotspot capabilities, camera, and storage.

I will admit though, I'm starting to lean towards Samsung products. I've purchased Motorola, LG, and Nokia phones also, but I've had the least problems with my Samsung phones. I thought that changed with my Nokia, but I've got a huge issue with that one now. I'm going to do a review on that one in the next couple days.

Enjoy the new phone. I loved my Motorola when I had it. Not sure if it's still an issue, but they tend to overheat in the sun, so be careful where you set it during the summer months!

I don't think you can assume too much about previous faults carrying over as I expect the designs change radically over a few years.

I've owned a few Motorolas and my first mobile was the one on the left. Someone I worked with gave me the flip phone when I was going to the US and mine didn't handle the frequencies used there. The Benq was my first smart phone running Microsoft OS. Some of these were used by other members of the family.


Nice collection! I keep all my old tech too. I think Motorola was my first too. I had the brick...


I miss the old flip phones. Honestly, if it wasn't for crypto, I'd probably go back to my flip phone. The novelty of carrying a computer around in my pocket is starting to wear off.

I don't think you can assume too much about previous faults carrying over

No doubt, they tend to fix issues pretty quick these days. A competitive market keeps them all honest too for the most part. It's in their best interest to get issues fixed quickly.

I'm with you. Practical use is the importance to me. I've had the same phone for years and am very happy with it. I remember when my daughter was younger and wanted to "play" with my phone, I handed it to her and she asked where all my games were. I told her there weren't any games on my phone. She immediately gave it back to me. LOL. She never wanted to "play" with my phone again. Dad's, on the other hand, was something else.

I use it for my business. I rarely use it for anything other than phone, text, or occasionally looking up something when my computer isn't readily available. I'm too cheap to try to have a status symbol anything.

I traded my iPhone 7 for a 12 a few weeks ago. Nobody has bought the old one yet.. its on eBay. Adding some details such as 'this has been on more than 200 explores, earned me a great deal of HIVE and has never been dropped' probably wont make a difference.

LOL! That phone has paid for itself dozens of times over. Will you be more worried about dropping the new one?

The new one has been out a few times already, and into places I have no right to get in!


Nice. I don't like iPhones as well. Most people here use it as a status symbol but it doesn't work for me. I prefer android phones.

I actually thought you had just iPhone and Samsung out there. I didn't realize Motorola still existed until 2 weeks ago. I stopped seeing them here when the android era came. Thought they were out of business until I saw one in a salon

They don't get advertised as much as others, but then part of the price of premium phones pays for all the marketing.



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