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RE: Motorola g50: All the phone I need

in #gadgetlast year

Interesting post! I have always had iPhones. I guess they were the first smart phones to come out, and I bought my first one in 2008. It lasted me very well until I dropped it down a toilet, and never came back to life. The replacement, an iPhone 5s covered the following 7 or 8 years, until I got a iPhone 12 mini just over a year ago.

Otherwise, I hate apple products. The few times I have had to use a Mac have driven me nuts. :)


Nothing wrong with sticking with what you know. I think Apple may support their phones for longer, so they can keep going. Some of them are just so expensive.


Stupidly expensive. I guess that if I keep this current one for another 7 years, then it's not so bad though.... :)


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