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RE: Motorola g50: All the phone I need

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I started with Apple a long time ago so stuck with it. I get a new model about every 4 or 5 years, so it’s fine by me paying 1000$ for it. Although.. for the basics they make much cheaper and reliable stuff. I use the heck out of the Apple and it communicates with all my other devices I. And around the home and office. Scary really.


I would hope the Apple stuff all integrates together. My dad has an iPhone and iPad. He bought a Mac, but couldn't get on with that, so went back to Windows. I use Linux on the PC and there are some Linux phones, but there are limited options with those. They may not run the apps I need.

You have to have something that meets your needs. That's priority #1. Apple is way OVER PRICED for what they offer.. but they do offer that cute little white apple with the bite out of the side 😆

A strong brand does have power. I don't doubt that their technology is good too, but it just doesn't suit me.