Mass Telepathy in the Future

in #futurism2 years ago


In the future, brain-computer interfaces could potentially make all humans telepathic. We wouldn't need to speak—we’d communicate directly via our thoughts and feelings. We’d be unable to lie because all speech is essentially lying. Language is made up of metaphors, using words to describe things. However, the word is not the thing.

Mass telepathy would create a world with no lying or deception—with complete honesty and transparency. Everyone would always know what everyone else is thinking. That may sound like a dystopic nightmare to some, but I think telepathy could actually create a positive future.

So much pain comes from people lying, withholding information, and misunderstanding each other—between both friends and enemies. Complete truth would hurt at first—you’d hear some things you wish you hadn’t—but you'd eventually get past that and see the true person underneath. Then, either love and accept them or dismiss them. No more wondering about how someone else really feels about you.

Universal telepathy would promote more empathy. Almost all hate and fear of other people comes from not understanding them. There’s a reason everyone does what they do. Rarely do people try to be evil. Telepathy would help us fully understand each other’s true motives.

Mass telepathy would eliminate serial killers, murderers, and psychopaths—really, criminals of any kind. We'd hear their thoughts about their evil plans before they act. We could either stop them or avoid them. They’d be arrested to prevent them from harming others, or better yet, they could be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy to correct their evil thoughts.

I don’t think universal telepathy would create a perfect utopia. There would still be disputes and disagreements among people. But telepathy can help create a more peaceful world where humans better understand each other.