Will our future be more of a Dystopia or Utopia based on these films?

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With films like Mad Max, iRobot, The Book of Eli, and the Matrix attempting to predict the future of our world, we have different visions of what the future might look like.

Some portray an improved world by technology & artificial intelligence, and others show a completely destroyed world from wars with basically nothing but wasteland left.

Spoiler Alert - some information about the films may be leaked if you read further and have not seen the films. However, I tried not to leak any important information that you wouldn't find in the trailer, but if you have not seen them please be aware of this!

Here are some examples of some films about the future:



iRobot is a movie about a detective who fears that the normalized robots that have been placed in every home are taking away from real human talent and effort. After one robot becomes sentient and makes the detective worried, he finds that this might be the only robot left that isn't controlled by the evil corporation trying to take over the world.

Eagle Eye


Eagle Eye is a movie about how a centralized artificial intelligence is able to use all technology around the world, from cameras, to street lights, to cell phones, and anything electronic, and is able to black male and control the main characters to get them to do anything it wants for its own selfish needs under the disguise of "the common good for humanity".

The Terminator


The Terminator is a movie about a cyborg assassin called the "Terminator" who is sent back in time to kill a young woman whose unborn child will one day lead the human resistance against the machines, which control the world in the future as artificial intelligence.

Children of Men


Children of Men is a movie set in a future where humanity is infertile and on the brink of extinction. It's about a group of rebels who recruit a man to help them transport a young woman who is pregnant and believed to be the first woman to become pregnant in over 18 years.

Mad Max


Mad Max is a movie about a man named Max who lives in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world where there are few resources and little law and order. Max is a skilled fighter who must defend himself and try to survive against various threats, including rival gangs and other dangers.

The Book of Eli


The Book of Eli is a movie set in a future where the world has been destroyed and follows a man named Eli who is traveling through a wasteland. Eli has a special book that he uses to guide and protect him through the film and fights to the death to protect. He encounters various dangers and challenges as he travels, and the movie explores themes of faith, hope, and survival in a difficult world.



Elysium is a movie set in the future where there is a space station called Elysium where the rich people live, and the rest of the population lives on a polluted and overcrowded Earth. The main character, Max, is sick and needs to go to Elysium to be cured, but he has to fight against the people in charge to get there. The movie is about inequality and healthcare in the future.

The Matrix


The Matrix is a movie set in the future where humans are trapped in a simulated reality called the Matrix. The main character, Neo, is recruited by rebels to help them fight against the machines that control the Matrix. He has special powers and uses them to defeat the machines and free humanity. The movie is about reality, consciousness, and the meaning of life.


So, as you can see, there are many different predictions for what is possible in the future. But if you have seen any or all of these films, let us know which one you think our future will resemble the most!

Also if there are any films about the future that I missed, please list them below so we can check them out as well.


The book of Eli and children of men are not worth a watch (in my opinion) iRobot and I am legend I can watch over and over.

iRobot was always one of my favorites, but I have to disagree both The Book of Eli and Children of men are very eye opening movies to what is possible in our future.