Introduction! David from London!

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Hi Everyone!

My name's David! I am an Engineer, Futurist and lifelong learner!
Currently, live in the U.K, and work in London.
LOVE futurism, AI, technology, fitness + longevity and programming topics, Japanese manga, rowing, and making friends.

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Started Neutron Salad last year and some friends wanted to post some of their stuff on the site and now we all write about tech and its impact on society - it's a lot of fun just discussing and sharing ideas all the scary and exciting things coming our way!

Huge coffee, rowing and photography fan.. some pics of what my average week/day looks like..


Looking forward to sharing and engaging with folks on all sorts of subjects! 😀


Welcome to Hive @neutronsalad! 😃 Interesting subject futurism is, society is after all, heading there whatever it seems to cost, hope you find it to be an enjoyable journey into the communities here, warm greetings from @dbuzz ☺️ Cheers! 🍻
D.Buzz is a great place for you to freely express what you want with our microblogging platform. Feel free to make an introduction post and let the community know who you are. 🐝

Thanks @dbuzz!

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There's a fair few Hivers around London and I am not too far away. I hope there will be some meetups soon and it would be great to meet you in person.

I enjoy my coffee too. I tend to use my Aeropress. We actually have a Hive witness who also sells the beans he roasts. Check out @whiterosecoffee, aka @c0ff33a. @adetorrent is a big coffee fan and often posts about cafes he's been to around London.

Have fun.

Oh nice I didn't know about real life meetups that's awesome.

Thanks, I just signed up to .. will check those out.

Yup I use to be the "Aeropress" guy in the office haha.


Welcome aboard!


Good day. Welcome to HIVE.

What do you mean by futurist?


So I write about how technology predominantly is affecting our current everyday life from a societal, political, and personal level. Part of this is doing a lot of data analysis and research in trying to understand potential possibilities of where humanity might be headed and what the future would/could look like.

Welcome to Hive mate, really interesting stuff, I'm looking forward to check out your... future posts here on Hive haha


My Uncle used to work in a circus as a human cannonball.
They eventually fired him.

Credit: reddit
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Hey welcome to Hive!

Keep it real!


Welcome to Hive!

LOVE futurism, AI, technology, fitness + longevity and programming topics, Japanese manga, rowing, and making friends.

Ya gotta !LUV it when folks follow their interests and live life fully. I look forward to reading more about your interests in upcoming posts. Cheers!

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Hi welcome ✅🌸