COVID-19: A review of pandemic scenarios

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Historically pandemics have killed millions, devasted societies and changed the course of humanity. Earliest reports of influenza epidemics date back to 412 BC and were recorded by Hippocrates. A number of epidemics were described in the Middle Ages, and one of the earliest recorded pandemics occurred in 1580 (Reviewing the History of Pandemic Influenza: Understanding Patterns of Emergence and Transmission).

The Black Plague killed aprox. 50 percent of the population in Europe during the Middle Ages and the 1918 Influenza killed 20 + million worldwide in less than a year.

COVID-19 is history on repeat

Let's have a look at the history of pandemic scenarios:

2006: The macroeconomic effects of a pandemic in Europe - A model-based assessment - European Commission (PDF)

2007: Talking about a flu pandemic worst-case scenario - CIDRAP

2010: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development - Rockefeller / GBN (PDF)

2015: Assessment of human influenza pandemic scenarios in Europe - Eurosurveillance

2016: Global Pandemic Megadisaster—Are You Prepared? - AIR

2016: Extreme Scenarios for Pandemic Risk - Gordon Woo / University of London (PDF)

2017: SPARS Pandemic Scenario - John Hopkins (PDF)

2018: The Characteristics of Pandemic Pathogens - John Hopkins (PDF)

2018: Pandemic risk: how large are the expected losses? - WHO (PDF)

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