It's Bloody 'WINTER' Here with 60F Plus Degrees...??? What-Da-Freak...!?!?!?!?

in #funny-ish2 years ago (edited)'s not literally bloody here in the Northeast U.S. where I'm at, I just kicked in that word for my UK friends and perhaps some others who speak UK type of English... I do aim to please...

Actually, it is a little bloody here in a true sense of the word, with the typical lowlife scum of the earth shooting, stabbing and beating each other as well as the innocents. We have a lot of Ghetto areas up this way, and sort of Sub-Ghetto, or Quasi-Ghetto type neighborhoods.

Anyway...getting back to the subject of an unusually warm winter, if this is the extent of Climate Change then, feels pretty good.

Alright...don't all you activists on the platform start hollering and targeting me with nasty slurs...It isn't as if I'm making light of climate changes and the effects of it elsewhere in the world, like Tsunamis,  Tornados, Hurricanes and stuff like that; there's nothing funny about those things...

So far though, this winter where I'm at, has been fairly mild. The past two days have actually been kind of bizarre with temperatures going above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't know what that is in Celsius like the rest of the world uses and I'm too lazy to look it up (So, don't get mad at me) 

Yesterday stayed warm, all night long... It was such a pleasure sitting out back in January with Spring like weather, barely wearing anything else besides my bulletproof vest for a change, being serenaded by gunshots in the distance with screams of fear and agony.

It crossed my mind to grab a few handfuls of barbeque bricks, wieners and steaks to happily grill, until my stubborn mind refused to go along with the salivating idea, reminding in a rather scolding tone, that we're now vegetarians (once again)

"Grill some carrots, if you're hungry" said my mind.

"Nawwwww" I replied..."What good is a carrot, without a juicy steak?"

And with that downcast lament, I hesitantly shuffled to the refrigerator and returned the bubbly stout upon the shelf from whence it came...

Thoughts of having disappointingly failed the likes of burley Steemian lads such as @MeesterBoom and his normal, meat eating, drunkard friends caused a bit of distress within my soul. So much so, that I almost canceled this post!!!!

Listen folks...I gotta go and steam some broccoli for my rice. My rice seems to like broccoli, so I might as well please somebody.

Till next time...


Another Lame, Lament by @AngryMan on Steemit, January 12, 2020


barely wearing anything else besides my bulletproof vest

I'm not sure I believe this Mr. angryman. Do you have any proof you can post?

Well...actually m'deirdy...I do have proof, but not certain I should post it here and get banned by the prudes??? Besides, I'd hate to cause devastating, envy amongst most other male members as a result ;>)

I hope that bullet proof vest covers the lower regions and not just the upper torso.

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The weather has been bizzare in the US this winter. I have relatives that live in the Midwest. There have been many days where it has been colder in So Cal where I live than it was there.

A record for the warmest day in January was broken in NYC at 67 degrees F. !!!

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