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RE: A Baby Chicken Of The Woods?

in #fungifridaylast year

This is such a cool investigation story! And only proves to always, ALWAYS double or triple check mushrooms you are not sure of. I wouldn't know what they are but I am terrible noob if it comes to identifying mushrooms.
They are still a very cool and pretty find.

Nice to see you on Fungi Friday :)


I'm pretty new at them, too. I try to choose a single target species to learn until I feel confident identifying it. Then, I pick another. So far, I only have a handful that I recognize, but I'm having fun learning!

Thank you for checking out my post and for the real comment!

That sounds like the right approach! I am still scared to ID mushrooms on my own. Feel more confident when someone who knows shows me.. and again.. and again.
Probably that is why I only would pick 2 or 3 types that I am sure of.