Coming To HIVE!

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This Week!

Now that the APIs and nodes are all fairly stable, we can focus on bringing you the freshest tool on the HIVE blockchain! #altyes! We are working very hard to get all of our proverbial ducks in a row to have it ready for you by the end of the week. We are super excited and hope you are ready to share everything from everywhere over here - on HIVE!

Wait, On HIVE?

YES! We are making it possible for everyone to share their Tweets, their Facebook status updates, their LinkedIn profiles, or even the new latest statistics on COVID-19 - whatever site you are on - to HIVE. Right here, on this young budding blockchain. I know you've got to be as excited as we are! So, stay tuned, we're here, and we're borderline euphoric knowing everything is falling into place!

"Tokenizing the web."


Much thanks to the leads on making this useful tool available to the communities of STEEM and HIVE.

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Awesome stuff!

Very very nice !!

Fantastic news! amazing work altyes is amazing

I've yet to give AltYes a try but looking forward to giving it go once this integration hits. Great work!