Meet the new Lynx R-1 Standalone Headsets.

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Topic: AR

Title: The new Lynx R-1 Standalone Headsets.

What: Stan Larroque, the founder of french firm LYNX, revealed the Lynx R-1, a headset aimed at medical, military and other enterprise applications.
Why/How: A 4-fold catadioptric freeform prism that allows the headset to place an eye-tracking camera directly in front of the eyes for better accuracy.
More ...: It has integrated audio, controller-free hand-tracking, eye-tracking, and 2 hours of battery life under continuous use.

Methodology: Online research and use of a tumbled pyramid in the article.



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Wordcount: 200-300

Qualification statement: this new innovation could influence other innovations borrowing from the solution this tech offers.

Time: 24 hours

Budget: 300TECH