"Only Foolish People Prefer To Read Bhawad Gita"

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Once near Trivandrum(Kerala-IN) seashore, an elderly gentleman was reading Bhagwad Gita. At that time, a talented atheist young man came and took seat by side of that gentleman.

Seeing elderly reading a religious book, young man taunted by saying,

"In age of science, only foolish people prefer to read old-fashioned books like Bhagwad Gita, If you would have devoted same time to science, then by now, it would have helped country to scale greater height."

Elderly gentleman said nothing and asked,

"Who are you?"
"What do you do?"

Young man replied,

"I am a science graduate from kolkata. I have have come to make a career in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre."

Young man further said to elderly to devote his attention to scientific research as by reading Bhagwad Gita, he wouldn't be able to achieve anything.

Elderly gentleman smiled and rose up to leave. As soon as he got up, four security guards surrounded him and his driver bought his red beacon fitted official car.

Seeing this Young man panicked and asked,

"Who are you?"

Gentleman replied with smile,

"Vikram Sarabhai. Chairman of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre"

Vikram Sarabhai.png

It was the same centre where young man had come to make his career in science.

Vikram Sarabhai was an Indian scientist and innovator, widely regarded as the Father of Indian's Space Programme.

At that point of time there were 13 research organisations in the name of Vikram Sarabhai, along with which he was also the Chairman of Committee for Atomic Planning, having being appointed to the same by then PM of India.

Young man felt ashamed for his arrogance and he fell down at Sarabhai's feet, crying profusely.

Sarabhai asked him to get up and said,

"Behind every creation, There is always the creator. So, it doesn't matter whether it is the time of the Mahabharata or Today's india. Never Forget God."

My dear brother, today's Atheist people, by invoking the name of Science, may dance as much as they want but history has witnessed that science has been created by God-believer theists only.