Can You See Or Hear Anything?

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Gone are the days of wrapping tin foil around the TV antenna and trying to get a better reception with the two channels you had. One station was CHSJ-TV in Saint John, New Brunswick and the other in the came from Bangor, Maine. If the tin foil didn’t work then wriggling the two points of the antenna might help. It was the 1960s and CBS, ABC and NBC were the TV networks at the time.

“Dad, ‘I Love Lucy’ is coming on at 7. What direction is Saint John from here?”

“I don’t know, just keep twitching the antenna back and forth until the picture comes in. Isn’t hockey on tonight?”

If one was lucky you might get a snowy picture on the old boob tube. Usually the voice came through alright.

It was a joyous day when the TV antenna was attached to the back of the house. Many more channels became available. That long vertical antenna was like a ladder and sometimes kids would climb up on it and get yelled at.

I remember my brother having a large unsightly black dish satellite, similiar in shape to the above photo. He could tune in to countless stations but had to insert a long list of numbers into the remote every time he changed the channel. Now that the dish is the size of a dinner plate and attached to the roof, I have no idea what he did with the big black dish but it’s gone from his front yard.

...end of five minute #freewrite using the single -prompt vertical antenna. If you are interested in freewriting check out @mariannewest’s post Here.






I remember those Rabbit ears antenna where often you'd get a clear picture only if you kept your fingers on the tips of them. When the screen went foggy, the shout would go out....get the rabbit's ears... and we'd take turns holding the tips until our arms gave out.

It sounds a lot like evening at my parents house back in the day. The sacrifices we made to have a clear picture. 😊

Hi. LoL on the antenna. Deja vu. Same at my house twisting those 2 to get the station to come in. It was a way of life that we didn't even think anything could be better that than.

Thanks for sharing.

I never though it could get any better but now i have 900 channels and can’t find anything to watch half the time. 😂

Same here. they just throw reruns and documentaries at you 24/7. Sometimes I wonder why we pay hundreds of dollars each month for the crap they schedule. So I resign myself to HGTV cooking shows, TripleD and Home buying.

I did find an interesting series Tiny House Nation I just love to watch couples trying to live in less than 500 sf of space. There is a blogger I found who is doing just that. Amazing ability to downsize and save on a 30-year mortgage for sure.

For sure, the cost each month is highway robbery but what can you do ? There’s a few weekly shows I like to watch but I just get into them and they are off the air until another season. I watch one soap opera faithfully and in the evening, after the news, try to find something on the history channel or documentaries. Hubs likes his hockey and football.

@redheadpei You had the same three channels we had. I had forgotten about the tin foil wrapped around the rabbit ear antenna. Was your Dad like mine? When the news came on there had to be silence in the house. His favorite show was Bonanza.

Haha Cissy, my Dad loved the western shows. Anything with a horse. Yes the news was a big event.

@redheadpei I guess it was something that age group enjoyed, news and westerns. lol I could do without the news, it is depressing and westerns are not what they used to be.

I remember helping my pops move the satellite dish that was the size of a bus so we could get a few extra channels for certain shows LOL

I still see some of them half hidden in bushes on a side lawn once in awhile. 😂 They are a big structure to get rid off.

Hahaha!! We used to use old metal coat hangers attached to the bunny aerial to try and get a better picture lol.

I forgot about using the metal clothes hanger Jaynie. We were all quite inventive trying to bring in the signal. 😂

hahaha yes indeed!

Hahaha Jo, I so remember these days of tweaking antennas on TV sets, hilarious. Now it is all about the streaming of TV shows and paid TV. How time has change

Haha Angie and we don’t have to get up and switch the TV channel manually anymore. That was quite an improvement when the TVs came with a remote.

Haha! Weren't those big black ones hideous? We had one in the yard of this house when we bought it. Needless to say it was one of the first things I did, remove it! We're a bit spoiled now.