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Good evening, Steemit! I’m crashing the party tonight with a freewrite, only because it’s been two days since I made a blog post and sometimes it can unintentionally become a habit to break from my routine. I don’t want that to happen. It’s a weird night anyway. It’s been hard to get uninterrupted time to work on anything meaningful the entire day. Just 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there. @rootsofkarate went home today, and it was great having him. @guthrie hung out with friends during the afternoon and is sleeping over his half bothers’ tonight.

One thing that’s kept me from work, and posting, was an obsessive spiral with a big Christmas present that I bought for our family. I have to keep this post a secret from @vermillionfox because I’ll be showing off her big present as well, but I should be safe from @guthrie because he’s not on Steemit [yet]. I wanted to get something big for all of us this year. As I’ve mentioned in several Steemit posts, Thursdays are Family Fun Day at the @kommienezuspadt residence. We usually watch movie, play games or draw together.

I considered a TV for a while, but eventually decided to look in to the Anker Nebula Projectors. Originally, I was looking at the small soda can size devices, but as a Leo, I have this unexplainable inherent need to buy “the best”. It’s a very expensive habit and any company with a tiered product structure can see me coming a mile away. I thought about it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday without giving in. No real discounts, and then for some unknown reason, on Tuesday, they posted a $100 off instant click coupon on the Amazon listing.

I pulled the trigger […somewhat impulsively]. I bought the Anker Nebula Mars II Pro. I have two awesome Sonos Play Ones in my house, and the plan was to set it up to play audio through them. @vermillionfox and @rootsofkarate watched me change cords, connections and settings, all with no avail. I concluded I had to go through a wired connection, which ultimately meant something had to be bought. To make a long story short, I ended up buying another Sonos Beam speaker [$400] that did have an HDMI connection.

The Best Buy guys told me I had to mid January to bring it back if it didn’t work. It didn’t work, but stubbornly, I sat sitting at a pile of cables and said “…there’s no reason this shouldn’t be able to work.”. I brought in my PS4, and after some creative Frankensteining, managed to get picture perfect video […almost 8’ wide] and full surround sound through the entire room […house, almost]. In a single moment, it felt entirely worth the money and time. It really is something to behold. With the PS4 set up, we can even play games!

@vermillionfox is downstairs now playing Secrets of Mana on a giant screen, and the sound is so rich and load, I can feel the floor shaking underneath me while she fighting fish monsters. Here’s the other purchase; her big Christmas present. She’s been asking for a new shower head for years, literally. I know she doesn’t expect this, but I’ve been doing research for the perfect replacement, and finally decided on […again, the most Leo option on the internet], a Nebia. This this is so impressive, Tim Cook invested in the company immediately after using it.

It’s…..wait for it…..$500, but I was able to get it for $100 off because of a sale that ends tomorrow. I know this is a lavish gift, but again, like the projector, even though its for @vermillionfox, it’ll benefit our whole family. Most of the marketing and research […even YouTube reviews] claim you save %65 water usage in a typical shower. Friends like @passerine and others have helped steer me towards a more conservative mindset with earthly resources, and although I’m aware this is a ridiculously capitalistic purchase, water usage is a big concern of mine.

So, that’s more or less the end of the spending for Christmas this year. Freelance life is always feast or famine, and I was fortunate to hit the feast right before the holidays. Thanks for sharing in the celebration. I’ll be following up with the family’s thoughts after the presents are opened, but I have a good feeling about these buys. I’ll be posting more photography tomorrow as I have a few clients already texting me. It never ends, but for now, this was a nice little freewrite. I appreciate all the support here on Steemit. Have a great night!


@kommienezuspadt, When our Routine breaks then definitely it's not a good feeling but we have to go with the Flow. Hope that you will going to celebrate the Christmas Eve amazingly. Stay blessed.

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Hahaha so @vermillionfox will be getting a surprise present? Well from the looks of it she's gotten to see this post already, yeah freelance life can be a bit mixing I'm so glad you are getting to live the food life this coming Christmas

Those are some pretty cool Christmas gifts and surely will be used daily, perfect!

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