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Unlike the physical photograph, the new photos, framed in fancy apps editions, cannot be accessed or enjoyed unless mediated by technology.




Taking pictures or having a picture taken used to be the first step of a memory recording process. Having the film revealed or processed, to finally have the right pictures printed and framed was a very exciting experience. Choosing the right frame was another part of the process. Each picture to be treasured and exhibited had to have the right frame. Some were very fancy and expensive. Others were simple and practical. They had to match the occasion, but also the decoration of the house, the right size, the right materials, and the right people in them.

Like everything else, this memory recording process changed. Physical photo frames were substituted by digital photo-frames. Now one frame fit them all. One could have any amount of pictures being displaced at chosen intervals in the same frame. I must admit I liked that innovation. It gave some life to the occasions. I was never able to get one myself, though. Shortly, this idea faded, like a bad picture.

Smart phones and social media outlets became the new thing. Now pictures, even if stored in a cloud and brought back to you as Facebook memories every so often, seem to be more ephemeral. They do not last long in the feeds or memories of those who are supposed to appreciate them.

Unlike the physical photograph, the new photos, framed in fancy apps editions, cannot be accessed or enjoyed unless mediated by technology. Without the devices, without electricity or internet, those memories are as fragile as our minds and the circumstances that framed the occasions.

Social and family relationships have been evolving along with pictures and the media that allows us to capture them. In some places, more than others, conditioned by political and economic stability, as well as to media pressure, relationships tend to be more elaborate, complex, maybe; but they are also more vulnerable and less enduring.

By embracing technology and waiving privacy, we have been offered paradise, but it seems to me that we have been framed.


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This was my entry to @mariannewest and @latino.romano’s 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday Prompt: PICTURE FRAME. You can see the details here.

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Me gusta tener un álbum de fotos, lo tradicional, pero tienes razón, hay muchas más fotografías digitales que en marcos, cuando tenga mi casa, no faltarán esas fotografías que nos hable del amor u la familia en mi sala, y en habitaciones de las niñas.

Siempre es lindo observar y revivir ese momento que hemos inmortalizado

Así es. Irónicamente, la generación de nuestros padres y abuelos se las arreglaron para tener fotos enmarcadas de más! 🤣
Mi suegra tiene hasta de tamaño carnet. Limpiar sus repisas o muebles significa sacudirle el polvo a docenas de marcos. Puede ser un trabajo arduo. En parte entiendo el vuelco hacia lo digital, pero la foto física tiene cierta magia.

Keeping a graphic testimony helps to remember and relive happy moments of the past !PIZZA 😂🤣

That's right.
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