We Must Take A Step Back To See Our Future! - Blockchain Coffee “Digital Human”

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Are we moving into a world we cannot yet perceive? A world where the bonds of the physical world do not exist? Can we truly fathom what being a digital human would be like?


We are steadily moving, according to Mr. Musk, towards either annihilation or transcendence of the physical human body. Elon has preached his ideology for a long time about AI take over and I don’t think he’s far from the truth. In his perspective we have but two options, merge or be destroyed!


So if those are our options we will merge but has anyone stopped to contemplate what the experience would hold. Musk talks about a chip hooked up to the brain able to interface with our sensory inputs and outputs and how it will improve the physical body and mind yet will we stop there? I think not!


Once we have interfaced with technology who’s to stop transitioning to backing up the human mind? We already have a rough digital human replica walking around so could we not, when technology catches up, implement that backup into the non organic body? See where I’m going with this? It’s mere steps away!


According to Musk it all has to do with latency and bandwidth, this makes me assume the ability to read the human mind has been achieved but limited by our technology. Never know what Musk has developed but not released publicly waiting for the right time. Listening to his public speech on the subject Musk’s giggling like his maniacal grand plan is coming together tells me he has something further up his sleeve!


I don’t think we can truly perceive what is ahead of us as we are not being given the layout of the grand plan. If you step back and look at technology as if it has been rolled out intentionally a future to which we have no control is ahead of us unless we recognize now the intentions of those designing it for us! Once you see it you cannot unsee how the transhuman future seems destined for us with the misconception it will be optional yet every generation that grow up with new technology recognises it as "normal"!


We Must Take A Step Back To See Our Future!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Many great points @d00k13, and I must also admit that I admire Mr Musk, now my personal opinion is that with continued technological development this is unavoidable, the only real obstacle is ourselves, if we destroy our civilization or something like that then it might not happen, but barring that the only question is when, not if.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts, it's awesome.

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Ohh man that gets me going down the lines of why the roll out, the only thing other than ourselves we really have to fear. Global Disaster and how they seem to want to cover up how many times civilization has failed in conjunction 😅

Thanks for the support 🙏

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Yeah you are right, civilization has broken down many times in the past, thank you for creating awesome content.

Thank you for curating awesome content 👌

Will be adding you to my curation trail later today 💪 I like your style

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Thank you very much.

I thank goodness I’m not young!

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Aha yea I was lucky enough to miss growing up with technology, early video game systems was about it for me. I didn’t even really discover computers until high school!

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Well thought out. He scares me a bit, but I am a child of God so I am not too concerned about my future.

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You think that will help you? God gave human beings brains to use them. So do like this guy and big brother does... We all are a part of the plan, needed, not needed, used or abused.

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Faith no matter the form helps in healing and soothing the soul, though I question I have faith! In what I am not certain yet.

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I do, @wakeupkitty. My life has been one filled with both pain, loss and sorrow, but God has provided me with strength, healing and hope throughout and my life verse He gave me during grieving over my Mom's suicide https://biblehub.com/jeremiah/29-11.htm is one of my favorite. We all chose how we react to evil people and circumstances, but God keeps his promises to me.

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Yea Musk is a bit of a mad scientist type 😅

Thanks for the support ❤️

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Welcome, and he is definitely alluding to an AI future even he seems to feel is not necessarily in the good of mankind.

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That is exactly it!

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Who needs a chip? We clone and change the DNA or we do it the old fashioned way: castration of what is not useful, raising children by government/state, prison/death penalty at once for those with an opinion and we only keep what looks great (genocide). Sounds like Brave New World.

Love the drawings.

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Yea my dear it’s a scary world yet still so intriguing to think about, will we get to see it roll out is the real question!

Thanks those are Bitmoji’s you can get them too in a browser extension 😉

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Dunka 🙌

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