The great competition

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The modern era, whereas the era of technology is more widely known as computerization. Various kinds of devices now decorate human life. and everything that smells of technology is no longer just hardware like the industrial era. The hardware era was also wrapped by software like a computer that already contained programs tailored to the interests of the device used by humans. Its presence is better known as the Smart Home System. Each device is integrated with other devices. The use of the word Smart has been embedded in every device that supports the existence of the programming created. From what started only on mobile phones or known as smartphones, now many other smart systems are also found, such as smart TVs, smart watches, smart door locks, smart lamps, and even kitchen devices now have smart devices that have been created.


Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

Moreover, if we talk about the transportation system, of course, we will find out more about the existence of smart-smart systems that are used. Of course according to their needs, even to the point that someone can control their own path. It's not a strange thing, especially for humans who live today. I do not know if it is appropriate that this era is called the era of robotization. Where humans are increasingly spoiled by the existence of these sophisticated devices and also the greater competition that occurs in this era of robots.


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The device certainly consists of hardware and software conditions. But unfortunately, his progress has impacted the level of difficulty that is getting bigger in the ease that is obtained. This is not talking about positive and negative issues, but talking about the inadequacy of the existing hardware compared to the software that was created. It must be acknowledged that the progress and intelligence of modern humans must be recognized. What is unfortunate about this is the inability of the hardware can facilitate the progress or progress of the development of existing software. So instead of presenting the existence of a new device that is adapted to the pace of software progress at this time.

In this era we are no longer strange by the presence of new devices that are introduced, even with the fierce competition and also the progress of today's era every year there is certainly the emergence of new forms of devices that are introduced.


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The problem that arises from this is that more and more technological waste that is actually still worth using is wasted. This means that it burdens the human condition itself and also has a negative impact on the exploitation of the existing conditions of natural wealth. I was reminded of my old parents, they said times are getting crazy. Yes, it's true that times are getting crazy, it feels like it's also been said unconsciously in my mind. It's not impossible like the previous fictional films depicting the existence of the progress of the times. Humans are increasingly being enslaved by robots and it is possible that robots will eventually rule the earth.

Following as if there is a feeling of guilt, not following means not wanting to accept the progress of the times and the development of science according to the times. Being in the middle is also not worth taking because it is like someone who has no principles of real life. So it's just an expression, once again maybe it's just an expression that supports while wanting to maintain the sustainability and existence of human civilization (I say an expression because reality is difficult not to be in this position). Being wise is not easy, being an opponent is not a good thing either. So sometimes thinking and trying to study the sentence "just go with the flow" is also not the right sentence anymore.

It just feels like making you fall back on the final problem of everything is true, and once again it is true that only Religion is the key to conditions that can facilitate human readiness in every era. Falling down to always see all this is the will of the Almighty and humans can only live it with all the religious rules that have been explained by Him.