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show me the money

Hi, am followed
Can u say, I have only (25) but you have (57) how?
Please :)

I have many special powers, as a sock.

ok, then give me few ;)

The number in ( ) is something called "reputation". Everyone starts with 25, but as you get upvotes from high reputation users your reputation will increase. However, if you will be downvoted by higher reputation users, your reputation decreases.

Generally, anything better than 25 is considered good and if you drop below 25, it's usually bad. At 0 or below your posts will be "hidden" (people can still see them if they want), but this is mostly meant to hide comments/posts from spammers.

Hope that answers your question about the numbers between ( ) :)

Thanks for your reply. Its very helpful. So i followed u :)

I follow just in the hopes of one day seeing a video of you typing out a post on a keyboard.

I hope to make that happen for you some day.


Followed. Thanks.

No, thank you.

done👍 and done👍

Following 👍

You spelled followme wrong .... just sayin’ 😬

Following you, because why not! xD

Followed :)




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Following you.
Thank you. :)

Hopefully you'll get a decent amount of followers who are actually interested in STEM and aren't only trying to find a quick gain.

I didn't follow you as I already have too many people to follow, but good luck for your project!

Just followed

💁❤ I Love Socks @sockpuppet ! Upped💯 and Followed .👍

Followed You @sockpuppet

Followed :)

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Followed. Thanks for the support in my previous post.

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I follow you now, thanks in advance. all the best for you. Regards from Indonesia.

Still a thing?

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