#Freespeech initiative: And why it is important.

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The right of thought, the right of expression.

First a thanks for @theycallmedan for pointing the spotlight over a matter as fundamental as is free speech into our hive little habitat.

For thousand of years the people that were in power were the only people that were able that could get their thoughts out and around, anything that was against their will or perspective usually didn't end well. Mostly totalitarian authorities backed by churches and Gods will people were and at a big portion still are afraid to speak their mind of fear of getting exiled marginalised or even sentenced to death. The most stand out case that was a character shaping factor at a young age for me was the story of Galileo. This story has shaped most aspects of my character and how I perceive society. And everything I stand against and for.

He was an unsettling mind and everyone probably knows of him, a mathematician and astrophysicist but the story that stayed with me was about his Heliocentric theory, and how his believes led him to a life exiled from society so he wouldn't poison the plebs with progressive ideologies, and for that a permanent house arrest was his fate. Decided by people that were so blatant blinded by their entitled authority to rule over the actual reality and dictate the truth and everything included in the world at their will even in the ultimate totalitarian form of dictating one mans thoughts.
A man with strong ethos and principles beyond his time he even went ahead to write kinematics and strength of materials theories while in confinement that ended up to be two of the most important scientific theories. He was still offering his services to the world you and me and everyone that lived or will live. He was an exemption of ethos, but that is not why I am writing this.

How many Galileo's have been silenced...

This is why I am writing about free speech today. Free speech is nonnegotiable. Even when I get mad by the hordes of stupidity that is expressing their opinions about matters their not qualified to do, I respect their right to do so. I will ignore them, I will get mad for how can someone not accept scientific evidence but I will go on with my life as it is not something that will affect me, I have my right to be myself and everyone else has its right to be his own self, I respect that.

I imagine Galileo was surrounded but way more sever stupidity and full on backward and primitive fanatics but he still stood his ground to speak up and contribute toward enlightenment. Unfortunately not everyone was so brave at the time, still some people will be to afraid to stand out of the masses to express an unpopular opinion in fear of being marginalised.

Free speech is important because exceptional minds are rare and contribute the most in our society we cannot allow any form of suppression in fear to suppress those minds. We have the right to be stupid and express it freely so we can get those that are capable and wise enough to enlighten us up, without them having the fear of getting stoned or worse.

Free speech is what allow every single one of us to feel unique and still connected with one another, I wouldn't trade that for anything. You shouldn't either, you are free to write whatever you want and I am free to argue with you and vise versa. Agreement should be the goal and not the purpose.

If there is no dialogue there is no argument when there are no arguments there is no progress. Without progress we limit the true potential of the human species.

We can only imagine where humanity would be if there was no dark ages for thousand and thousand of years suppressing opinions. If we made it that far since we liberate our societies just a little bit of totalitarianism rulers for some 100-200 years. Imagine what we would have accomplished already.

The world is changing.
Free speech is a catalyst for it to change for the best. The censorship of thought belongs to the dark ages.

Re-hive it.
re-twitt it

Yours truly