Reviewing And Analyzing 20 Factors In The Paradigm Shift Towards Freedom And Free Energy

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Mark Passio recently did WOEIH podcast number 219 titled “Tesla And Humanity’s Missing Paradigm Shift Revisited”. 

During the presentation, two graphics that he used were two lists.  Each list contains ten details of what the paradigm shift is, for a total of twenty.  

An idea popped into my head while listening to the broadcast, that maybe I should do an analysis of myself and society as a whole in a blog post series, through the lens of this powerful information that was presented.   

This is the first installment as I go through that information, one by one.

1.  Knowledge of The Occult (Hidden Science and Spirituality)

This encompasses too many areas to cover in a short blog post, so I’ll mention three main categories and go from there.  I will also briefly note my understanding of them, or lack thereof.  I will also give my outlook on humanity's understanding as well.

1.  Knowledge of the natural sciences and how nature works.  

Many natural and physical sciences have been hidden by the dark occult ruling class, so there are very few on this earth who have access to this information.  Obviously, I don’t have access to these higher sciences and knowledge.  

What I have done is studied various natural medicines and the positives they can bring.  I’ve also looked at the negative effects of chemical based pharmacology, and also some of the science behind the artificial food and tainted air and water supplies of the world.  

However, I’ve barely just scratched the surface.  I might also add that for any truly higher sciences to be known and used by myself and all others outside the ruling class, such as free energy technologies, freedom must occur FIRST.  We’ll be stuck with limited knowledge in these areas until we gain freedom and end slavery.  

2.  Knowledge of human psychology.

The dark occult rulers of this world have a great deal of knowledge regarding human psychology.  What they do is wield this knowledge as a weapon.  

For all those seeking liberty, like myself, we must gain this same knowledge in human psychology, so that we might defend ourselves against the dark occultists.  I have done this to a certain extent.  I know methods of manipulation that are used against us, such as divide and conquer and obfuscation.  I’ve also studied fallacies and how they’re constantly used in corporate media to manipulate humanity.  I’ve also learned the masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness, and how they work together to form a holistic consciousness.  

Does a great deal of humanity, in the aggregate, possess this knowledge?

No, which is one huge reason why we’re so far away from a paradigm shift towards freedom and free energy.  Please don’t believe me.  Go out and ask people some questions regarding these topics and see what kind of responses you get.  

3.  The science of Natural Moral Law and how this is the deterministic component in the creation of our reality.  

Free Will as the random component in the creation of our reality.

Each individual can know Natural Moral Law (the difference between right and wrong behavior).  

Natural Moral Law can be summarized as follows:

Don't harm other beings.

We are all co-creators of our reality through the choices we make and the actions we take.  Either we choose behaviors that are right and moral, or wrong and immoral.

If a society, in the aggregate, is immoral, the results are slavery and involution.  If, in the aggregate, people choose moral actions, this results in liberty and evolution.  

Evolution is in alignment with The Creator, while involution is in opposition to Creation.  

Therefore, this science of Natural Moral Law IS Spiritual in its very nature.  

I have studied this more than any other science, because I think and feel it is the most important.  It is what creates freedom.  It is what is in alignment with God the Creator.  That is why I’ve made it my priority in my studies the past few years.  

Sadly, the science of Natural Moral Law is still occulted from nearly the entire population here in 2019, at the time of this writing.  This is why we have an enslaved society.  

Part 2 Coming Soon!

Thanks for your time and attention!

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