Huge news with massive implications. Starlink for boats.

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Starlink is taking to the oceans, worldwide. Superyachts are toys for the wealthy, but seasteading is for everyone.

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image.png in Panama, are building floating homes.

image.png have a range of 100% solar powered yachts, and they're swamped with orders, which will help kickstart the entire industry.

The 80 foot model will run you to around $6 million; but the 60 foot is around half that, at $3 million.

Now that's a lot of scratch, but what happens a few years from now? That 2023 model will still have a couple of good decades in it, but the second-hand price might be down to $2 million.

Still a lot of money for a toy, but what about a home for 8?
Four couples pay $500K each, and that's it. Housing, travel, energy, all taken care of.
Nothing more to pay. Retirees, living off a pension, looking to travel the world; and willing to sell the family home to do so, are going to be sorely tempted.

Until now, the main drawback was the internet. Socially or professionally, being disconnected for long stretches was a dealbreaker for a lot of people.

Elon's newly announced service runs to $5k/month, but that will come down over the next few years.

Whether its fear of theft/vandalism from social breakdown; fear of property market collapse, or just old-fashioned hyperinflation; there are any number of reasons people might prefer to spend their time on the water instead.

This is fantastic news :)


Damn can't let J hear about this, he'll start leaning on me again XD

even if the internet problem is somewhat taken care of (I would prefer fully decentralised internet, have developed increasing mistrust of a lot of big centrally controlled things that has been exponentially increasing over time) I still have an intense paranoia of my computers getting wet

I feel like they should have anchor points built in so you can attach boats together and make a little floating city and then if you feel like moving neighbourhood you can just move the whole damn house XD

Or use to meetup at random spots on specific dates.

With rising oceans and shrinking coastline’s the water might be the only safe place, bit like Kevin Costner in water world

Apparently some pirates wore eyepatches not to mask injuries, but to keep one eye accustomed to the dark, to adjust quickly when going below deck.
Can't wait to be a pirate, and steal people's dirt.

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for the wealthy

Only elite class peep can afford these luxurious innovation

Though the thing i like about Elon is he always bring something unique which is quite next to impossible so i Gotta believe we'll see flying boats in the very future.

second-hand price might be down to $2 million.

Still too costly but at least we live in the world where people are willing to pay billions for a ride to space so that's nothing for them.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

I remember when mobile phones were only for the wealthy.

Ah, very well said! Can't disagree with it anymore

I just read that tweet on Twitter. Makes me wish I had a sailboat. Granted I have no clue if I will get seasick on a boat. One of these days I’ll have to take trip and see. Would be fun to set sail for a few years.

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