The Smart Meter Tyranny

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Did you receive your notice yet that your "analog" electrical meter is soon to be replaced by a Smart Meter?

We just got our notice. There was the option to "Opt Out" which gives you the illusion of control for about 20 seconds until you do a little research and realize that they are still going to replace the analog meter that works fine with a dumber smart meter and you are going to pay $12 a month for it.

Then you go out on the internet - on to Telegram Law channels and in your freedom groups to see what people are doing about it.

In the city of Longmont, Colorado freedom friends are going to City Council Meetings monthly

Start at 34:29

you will hear 7 to 9 natural born men and women who live in Longmont speak against Smart Meters which they have been doing for years now and they have gotten smart meters because one of the city council members has a patent on smart meters and has made quite a pretty penny on this contract.

Nothing happens from this action.

except maybe the people feel like they are actually accomplishing something. The feel like they are using their democratic rights - which of course are all bullshit because this sort of government always becomes a tyranny because

Under Natural Law it is impossible for those "elected" to re-present the people who elect them - they can only present themselves.

I go on Telegram and I am told to sign up for in which I will be asked to pay $150 to be involved in a streamlined set of paperwork that I will have to print and send to the Xcel Energy company and people in the FCC for at least 9 months, a Notice of Liability.

OR to get the Notice of Conditional Acceptance from and send that in over and over.

I have a friend who did the NOL and the president of the Electric Company resigned and the Company changed names and reestablished itself and then the Sheriff went with the Electric Company representative to her house to make sure that the smart meter could be installed.

On one of the law channels I am told to use the Jurisdictionary Course to Sue Xcel Energy for Damages, but I am told I will need Doctor's Notes to prove I am getting sick from the smart meters.

I do not go to Allopathic Doctors, because I know that Big Pharma is a Eugenics industry. There are thousands of studies proving that Smart Meters are terrible for humans and bees and the environment but nobody gives a rat's ass.

Some people have used the inpowermovement and some have used the Notice of Conditional acceptance in the small town they live in and it has worked so far, but I live in the Kapitol and they are going to get their meters installed.

I have friends who "opted out" and then they needed a panel upgrade and Xcel installed the smart meter. I have friends who opted out who don't know that the "new" meter that they installed is still a smart meter.

But today I learned that this is what I may do - something that actually works and I am going to share it with you.

You install a faraday cover on the smart meter outside your house


the signal goes to the Electric Company but the leaking EMF's are greatly reduced and you have an EMF reader to make sure it's working.


This really sucks because but so far it is the best I can come up with.



If you have to make your own legal papers you can't beat jurisdictionary.
That is my referral code from some years ago.
If you knew how easy lawyering is, you would have to stay away from courthouse crosswalks to keep from running some down, imo.

If you want to learn how to win in court using the forms and knowledge jurisdictionary will give you, follow the Marcratic method.
Marc has been offline for a time, but recently promised a comeback, the lawyers wouldn't stop hassling him so you kinda have to do more things yourself, but I bet he still does consultations if you have that kind of money.

I've won twice in court since paying these men what they asked.
It was well worth the cost, to me.

Yes I am familiar with this work - I think you shared it with me a long time ago. Thanks.