No Good Reason For Cannabis Criminalization

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House Bill 1325 was recently passed in Texas and it has created a lot of confusion with authorities because it's essentially sought to make hemp legal, when authorities say that they don't have an accurate way to distinguish hemp from cannabis.

Prosecutors in the state have suggested that they aren't going to prioritize low-level cannabis cases any longer. But the gov. isn't happy about that, and he's warned DAs against neglecting to pursue any cannabis cases. Still, Texas crime labs reportedly don't have the accurate testing tools to get the job done, which is estimated to cost between $300-500k.

Hundreds of cases have been dropped recently as a result.

With five of the most populous counties in Texas already announcing that they are dismissing hundreds of charges relating to cannabis "crimes". They've also signaled that they will decline to prosecute minor cannabis possession in the future.

Various prosecutors have indicated that they won't be seeking to file charges over small possession cases any longer, at least not until the issue is resolved. But a variety of lawmakers and enforcers aren't welcoming this news. The governor might not be happy about it, but many DAs aren't budging on their position.

Still, we can hear that the same old propaganda is being spewed in Texas, with lawmakers spreading disinformation and fear over what a community might look like that respects the rights of the individual to consume what they want.

Lawmakers fear that cannabis is going to fuel the destruction of lives.

While you can find alcohol and pills readily available all throughout Texas and the United States, it's cannabis, Texas lawmakers fear, that's going to be the fuel which brings unimaginable violence to formerly safe communities. Ironic, considering the amount of violence that gets perpetrated against countries and innocent individuals overseas, from anti-cannabis, pro-war bureaucrats in the state.

Previous studies might suggest that cannabis could increase violence in some who use it, but that isn't the case for all or even the majority. Even if cannabis did promote violence in some, that still isn't reason enough to violate the rights of others as a result. Despite some connections that researchers have tried to make between cannabis and aggression in the past, they still urge that the exact nature of that relationship remains wildly unclear and it isn't as simple as assuming everyone who consumes it, might become violent.

When it comes to violence in the community and those who perpetuate it,

Are we to blame the pills? The alcohol? The video games? The music? The parenting? The schooling? The Youtube videos they watched?

How about just blaming the individual themselves and their actions?

Lawmakers should seek to promote a respect for natural rights and individual liberty; which goes against their job description.

By peddling the same anti-cannabis lies and remaining adamant that this right shouldn't be respected for others, they leave people suffering who don't deserve to have their liberty infringed as such. Especially the many veterans in the state who could potentially greatly benefit from the use of cannabis to help with PTSD and more.

Unfortunately, lawmakers who are happy with violating their freedom still stand in the way of them finding a higher quality of life.

Texas ranks 7th in the entire country for prison population, with over 100 prisoners serving life sentences for victimless drug possession.

Spending your life behind bars even though you didn't harm anyone else or their property.

As far as the amount of money being spent, and the amount of people being locked up over this plant, Texas embarrassingly ranks at the top. It's time to change that.


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They want to keep those private prisons full.

Every inmate = $$$

Hopefully they find they can make more money with legalization. That has it's own pitfalls as well with big greedy corporations getting their hands in that sweet cannabis pie.

they are a disgrace of a crony operation, whereas a true private organization would need to face competition in the market, for which these prisons have none. If they weren't empowered by the state to act as agents for the state then we would certainly have different results than we have today. It is the government which is responsible for the existence of these prisons as they stand today, with their war on drugs, 3 strike rule, and thousands of victimless crimes they choose to prohibit etc, they've created the demand for these institutions and fueled the worsening conditions for individuals as an end result, and nobody wants to take responsibility at the end of the day for those who are left suffering in the cesspool that is the justice system as we know it.

@doitvoluntarily, In my opinion when someone is not harming others and doing their own stuff then that aspect should not be controlled because everyone is free being and they have a choice. Stay blessed.

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yes they should be free! same to you! thank you!

Welcome. 👍

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