Germany wants to ban Telegram

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Plan to ban a chat platform, interesting, but anyway more interesting is to think about, is that possible?

I don't use that app, for me is more interesting the case what can they are doing.

Lets think about it:

First, Telegram has his sit in Dubai. Nobody really answers emails from the government. Besides its funny, it's also interesting, it looks like they don't know who is running it.

OK, what can happen to ban it,

First, tell apple app store and google play store to delete the app from there. I'm not sure they would follow that, but who knows.

Another problem would be, that stops only new installations. It would not stop users to use it that already have the app.

Second, tell the telecommunication provider to block IP addresses. Like the china firewall. That would work to block all IP addresses from telegram from german users.

Sure they could use VPN, proxy or tor, but most would not do it. A funny point would be, what if they change the IP address from time to time?

Next, Telegram uses AWS ( Amazon web services). So ban that ips can hammer down 50% of the internet. Also very interesting and very unlikely. But this brings us to point 3.

Third, knock on amazon doors and tell them " stop working with telegram". But would amazon really follow that? I think that would open a decade-long law process. I think they don't want governments around the world to dictate their business connections.

Fourth, make it illegal in Europe. Maybe then Amazon would follow. But then they can also change web services or start to make it decentral. Also, I don't think that would happen, I don't think enough countries would follow that in Europe.

Another way would be the master tactic. Every user that connects to telegram server ( in the case they know all servers) receives massive pressure. Like massive bills from the government. Sure that sounds also impossible. But I think this + media attention and some cases with massive payments can stop most people use it. Simple because of fear.

But what with the bad guys? They can buy for 5$ a VPN or use a proxy. So nothing changed for them. So this tactic would only short the influence from fake news spreader or opposition political parties ( that maybe use them).

Less user = less influence


Now we coming to the end, it looks like there is no way without massive resistance. No easy way to ban.

Also very interesting is, does it mean other chat protocols like whats app don't have those problems?

What about social media?

Sounds very strange to me.

In the case of hive, we will see at some point similar attacks. With the difference, there is nobody to speak with. Who runs it? Hammer down a front end? Attack witnesses one by one? Sounds 100x more difficult.

IMO some interesting shit to follow. I mean that shows "what can happen". Also, it shows in real time the steps.

Maybe hive should have at some point super easy API server installer everyone can run without knowing anything about "run a server". rent server and click install like.

Btw if I. miss a way to block, let me know. Lets play thinktank


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I think Amazon might actually stop working with Telegram if there is enough pressure but who knows. It wouldn't be the first time that Amazon decided to remove hosting for a service but I think it's hard to just limit to a country.

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I hope the German government doesn't take the same route as China. Twitter is pretty notorious for having people who try to convert young people to extremism... And what about email? Once this begins, where does it end?


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