Telling people to "shut-up" is not being pro-science.

in #free6 months ago


Just to be clear, the moment that you yell, "Shut up!" at people who are pushing against what you view as clear as obvious truth or decry mere inquiry regarding the validity of an orthodox view, you have become the anti-science person in the debate.

If a flat-Earther comes at you and you tell him to "shut up" and trust the science, the flat-Earther is doing science better than you are. If you're calling for a professor to be fired for encouraging students to inquire about how effective mask wearing is, you've become the anti-science person. If you're gonna physically attack Charles Murray for publishing the research on race and IQ, he's better at science than you are.

Science isn't the answers. Science isn't political. Science isn't comfortable. Science isn't there to pander to anybody's ideals. Science isn't even an idea.

Science is a process. No scientist who's worth a damn would say, "Just trust the science." without using air quotes. Science doesn't set barricades to inquiry or challenge. There's a reason why, in science, the word "fact" is pretty much never used. Evolution, the Earth revolving around the Sun, Relativity, Gravity, they're all theory's in a scientific context and we keep learning more and adjusting our understandings as people continue to be daring and challenge the general knowledge.

You're not being pro-science by telling people to "shut up" no matter how odd and wrong their ideas may be.

Try to engage with falsehood. You might learn something.