Athenascope AI mostly Ignores my Streams for Duos and Trios Fortnite Footage - Breakout Showcase

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I have another Athenascope Showcase video. In this one, it mostly included footage directly streamed to it of me playing duos and trios with my partner, one of our friends, my nephew and one of my nephew's friends. It included one single clip from my two live streams on YouTube and Twitch that wasn't an overly impressive clip anyway. This is an interesting result. It does however mean most of this footage hasn't been seen before, which isn't a bad thing.

Athenascope preferred footage streamed directly to it of playing in duos and trios over my two live streams last week:

The Fortnite footage was edited by Athenascope, an AI that edits gaming footage. In the past week I met the requirements to get a showcase video, which is a montage with music added to it. This time the song added was Breakout.

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Ciao amico è proprio un bel post però secondo me se lo posti nella mia community di fortnite potrebbe essere molto più apprezzato :)